3 thoughts on “Holy Spirit word: Nuclear – Katie”

  1. In Montréal I had a similar strange dream. Through the window I was looking at the open field next to our house. This time of the year the whole area normally covered with beautiful white snow, but in my dream the snow was covered by a thick layer of black ash. Could not sleep after that because in my spirit I knew – war is coming and this area will be affected.

    But the most horrible recent dream was about a group of young well armed Muslim youth mounting light trucks. I was able to exchange a few words in Arabic with them and they told me that they are ready to travel south to fight their enemy on US territory. After that in my dream I went to local memorial of fallen soldiers and peacekeepers and was sweeping the dust of their pictures. Then on the road I saw only one badly bitten jihadist coming back. He was very angry and had one of those flame throwing devices in his hands. At the distance, as he was approaching, I understood that the Muslim female, standing not far away, was pointing at me and the jihadist turned his weapon my direction. Trying to get away from him I moved up the hill, but by some demonic power he covered the distance and was standing right in a front of me, with knife in his hand. With all power in me I was rebuking him in Jesus name. Waking up in horror and in cold sweat, I knew – God will put out faith to test on both sides of the border.

    Prior to that in my other dream I was in Alaska with some of my adult children and the main subject of our discussion was living there under occupation.

    Dear Brother Jeff and All,
    As veteran of many missions, I am not easily taken by dreams and visions, but this time the Lord really wants my attention and is trying to tell us something. God Bless.

    1. Thank you for sharing brother Anthony. God bless you with peace protection and is love as you serve the Lord in the mission field.

  2. Sounds to me like a vulcano rather than atomic.
    Can be wrong but vulcano spew black dust.
    Just a thought.

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