2 thoughts on “John Shorey’s Latest Newsletter New Insights on the Shortening of Days – John Shorey”

  1. I like the article, I will post my view and personal believe of shortening of days. 1st, let’s not get too caught up on events (that makes everything so long and even confusion for those new to Revelation book). the 4 horsemen have to come with all their dragging matters listed in the bible, then at the 5th trumpet is a key to me…the locust army. Locust army will be allowed to reign for 5 month period, they will touch no tree, but will hurt men (those who do not have the seal of God) they will be tormented for 5 months. Locust live 5 months thru all their growing stages (which are listed in the book of Joel),5 months is the same amount of time that transpired when Noah entered the ark til’ the waters drained (Jesus said that will be as the days of Noah). The Noah even happened around Passover time so that will lead 5 months (May thru September)so, those under God’s will will be protected in the “Endtime spiritual ark” those chosen by God, because there will be also people that shall be delivered before the anti-Christ to testify and the Holy Spirit will talk thru them in that day. Those to me are the shortening of days = 5 month period… the dragon will show up at the 6th seal and then I apply Daniel’s 12: 11-13 that completes. I just touched on the surface, but 2 witnesses will be on earth at the beginning of the endtime ark. Just a thought…

  2. I have read most of your posts. Although you argue a lot about the shortening of days and when it is, I feel you need to think more widely. For example what if God decides to keep the same number of days as it is so many times prophesied, however he could shorten the 24 hours per day to less hours per day. It is clear in the gospels that the time shortening is at the worst persecution time.

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