My New Creation – Cornell d’Angelo

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“Therefore if any man be in Christ,
he is a new creation…”

II Corinthians 5:17

Nothing seen or done in any ritual
shall stand against the sovereign
plan Of Yah’veh Elohim.

Step aside in the Name of Yah’shua
make way for the salvation
of The Lord.

He comes with His almighty arm
and with His outstretched
hand of deliverance.

He comes to deliver you
from your captivity
and from your despair.

He comes with His steadfast love,
with the light of His truth
and His Almighty Power.

For He has heard the cries
and the prayer of faith
and comes to deliver.

There are none
who can stand
in His Way.

There is no one
who can resist
His Sovereign Will.

Make way, step aside and yield
for this is the time of
His Full Dominion.

Come fully
under His Dominion
for the time of His Sovereignty
has come.

Step aside completely
and allow Him to undo
all the works of darkness
in and around you..

For all things done in secret
will be undone in the blazing light
Of His Eternal Truth.

All rebellion and despair will bow
to the Mighty One who comes to
redeem His children chosen.

For He has fully born your pain,
endured all your shame

and knows the anguish
to which you cling.

Let go now, of all your pain.
release it all completely
Unto Him And Him Alone.

For only He is strong enough
to carry your pain
and only He knows how.

Lay down your heavy burden,
lay it down before His Feet.
It is not yours to carry
any longer.

Let go of past destruction,
the evil and the horror
your eyes have seen.

For the destruction of darkness
will not stand in My Way
Says The Lord.

Make a clear path for Me.
Prepare the way, I say.
Prepare the way, for Me.
I come now to save.

Let no part of your heart
stand in My Way Says the Lord.

Give up your double mind,
unstable in its ways
that pulls you away
from Me.

Give the double mind to Me
and let me do with it
what I Will.

For I alone know how
to destroy the works
of evil and the flesh.

Give it all to Me.

I will undo destruction
Says the Lord.

I have drawn the line that cannot be
crossed and marks the end of evil
that gathered against you.

They will be rendered powerless.

The destruction will cease.
It will not be.

I will destroy the destroyer
who divided your heart
against Me.

Destruction will not stand.
though you look for it,
It will not be.

For I come now to rebuild
what was once destroyed,
Says the Lord.

I Am The Rebuilder
I Am The Master Architect,
The True Designer
of your soul.

Trust Me with the tearing down
of the old strongholds
and defenses born of evil.

For the plans of destruction
will all be destroyed
And brought to nothing,

Consumed by the fire
of My Holy Spirit,
that burns within you,

That I may build anew
My Holy Tabernacle in you,
My Kingdom within.

How shall I conquer kingdoms,
if I do not first conquer
your false kingdom?

How shall I deliver nations,
if I do not first deliver you,
My chosen one?

But a part of your soul
still clings to the darkness
and will not let go.

Let go now, I say
and let Me have My Way
in the hidden parts.

Open unto Me the dark place
where the light of My Brightness
has not yet manifested
My Glory.

For My New Day will dawn
and My Daystar will arise
within your heart,
My son.

But you must first release
All your trust unto Me Alone.

For I require of you a
complete trust
And a full reliance.

Give this dark part to Me
in full trust and faith
in what I will do.

For I will fully restore
what I Myself created
from the beginning,
Says the Lord.

For I will restore My Eden
to its original state
and I will begin
with you.

For you shall walk as Adam
in My garden, fully restored
unto Me.

I will not give My chosen Eve
if there is not first a true Adam
whole in Me.

For this is My true desire
from the beginning
and it has not changed
Says the Lord.

Remove now your shoes
for you are on holy ground.

Do not question
My Ways or what I do.

For I will remove the iniquity
of your forefathers,
the sins of many generations.

And I will cleanse the iniquity
of your own divided heart
which yielded to them.

You will no longer yield
that or any part of your soul
to self-destruction.

For you will be yielded
fully and completely
unto Me alone.

You are Mine and Mine alone,
for I redeemed you
With My Own Blood.

For The Blood Of My Covenant
has fully cancelled the blood
of your covenant with death.

My one sacrifice alone
destroyed the gates of hell,
self-destruction and death

For you are not the sacrifice,
nor the sacrificial Lamb.
I Am Alone Says the Lord.

Come down from that cross
where you placed yourself.
The place of torment
is not for you.

For I paid the full price
and I took your place
On My Cross.

I substituted Myself for you.
I took your suffering
in the place of torment.

I poured out My Own Blood
that you would not bleed
or suffer harm.

Come down from that cross.
reverse your decision
to place yourself there.

Repent of this iniquity.
For this is not My Way,
Says the Lord.

I tear down your false cross
to reveal My True Throne
of Living Mercy.

I Am the Only One,
The Only Sacrificial Lamb
whose Blood alone
atones for sin.

I have fully atoned
for all your sin
and fully endured
your shame.

Accept My sacrifice
of love poured out,
My Own Life’s Blood
for yours.

Receive My Grace,
My Love, My Mercy.
This is all I want
from you.

You don’t need to
suffer anymore!

A Word received
on June 7, 2003

I did as The Lord Instructed and
He delivered me as promised
from so very much.

I share this with you that you
may be encouraged
By His Voice, My Testimony
and My Deliverance.

Cornell d’Angelo