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We must unplug ourselves completely
from the world in order to be plugged
into God Himself through His Spirit!

Our potential is written upon
our Spiritual DNA before
the beginning…!

I firmly believe that when Adam and Eve
ate of the fruit of the tree of the
knowledge of Good and Evil
they died as God said
they would…

They died spiritually through
disobedience and were
separated from God!

We then were born into the world under
a fallen nature which I believe includes
a change from the original Spiritual
DNA God gave Adam and Eve
to an altered state of
spiritual death.

How do we get back to a state of Life
as it was intended and was
in the beginning?

We must be Born Again From Above
becoming the New Creation
in Christ!

In this way our Spiritual DNA becomes
reactivated in a new person set apart
as it was in the beginning!

Full Circle.

Without returning to Spiritual Life,
Without being raised from death unto life
we cannot know God’s plan
for us or possibly
live it out!

In this way we can realize our
true potential in Christ!

This potential should not be squandered
or left out of a progression that helps
others to realize their potential!

Potential realized is also our inheritance
and The Promises of God fulfilled
on earth as it is in Heaven!

Let us not diminish or waste our potential
in Christ by being misled by our flesh
or the ruler of this world…Amen!

Our potential, the call on our lives
is written in our Spiritual DNA.

We were known by God
before the beginning…Amen !

This DNA was disturbed, changed when Adam and Eve fell in the garden. They ate from the wrong tree and therefore died Spiritually as God said they would ! The fallen nature we inherited includes being under the false dominion of satan who rules the earth.

The only way to change this was for Father God to sacrifice His Son Jesus Christ so we would have a way back to Father God…The Way, The Truth And The Light ! We are to be Born Again From Above as Jesus explained to Nicodemus. Being Born Again changes our Spiritual DNA back to that which would connect us all together in Oneness as Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane that we be One as They (The Father And Son) Are One !

The problem is that many, in fact an alarming majority, of those who believe they are Born Again are NOT ! Then out of those that are, EVEN FEWER walk by the example of Christ and The Cloud of Witnesses.

How do we change this as
the time is now short?

Pick up your crosses and follow the lord on the Narrow Path to the death of your flesh, death of the Fallen nature of Adam… death to death itself that we may be born again from above as a new restored spiritual being filled with life and the inheritance of Life Eternal in Christ!

Confess all sin to the father at The Seat of Mercy, be forgiven and change your ways as Jesus said” Sin no more” !

… and recognize that Christ is our Deliverer, that we need to Be Delivered By Him in order to be Free Indeed As It Is Written!

By this I mean that there are many things that have kept us under the false dominion of this world and Satan who rules over it! Only Jesus Christ can crush, can burn to ashes that false dominion and bring us Under His Sovereign True Dominion!

In this way we are truly able to
live out our Full Potential In Christ!

… and THAT Potential Realized is beyond imagination and A Force that the kingdom of darkness cannot touch or possibly overcome!

Arise My Fellow Warriors and
Kingdom Forerunners…


Amen And AMEN!

May 19, 2016
And Updated February 6, 2019

There is so much more to being allowed to enter into His Kingdom than so many, than the majority of believers realize!


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  1. Amen! What is flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit! Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom! We are free from all constraints and we are truly free.

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