A Tired Weary Family in Desperate Need of Miracles





  1. Dear Patti

    Reading about your situation brings true heart felt compassion. We too live in Riverside County California and are aware of the high cost of living here.

    In 2008 my husband lost his job. We struggled for a year and then decided to sell our home (in a bad market) and move back east to be near family. We were one of the few who walked away selling our home for almost what we asked. Once there I spent a year looking for work while my husband worked menial jobs – – that is until he was laid off again.

    That next week he was offered a job back in good old Southern California and back we came. Now it is 2013 and he gets laid off again. He is an engineer and the majority of his contracts were with the state. But the state cancelled their contracts and he was out of work again. This time we had a place to go. We had bought an event to go camping with our friends. The first time we used it the mechanism to bring in the pop outs broke and we ended up keeping it at the campground up in the mountains.

    Here is my point. God knew what was coming. We went from 1,500 a month for rent to $400. Water, trash etc is included. We just have to pay for electricity. And I know there are other campgrounds near us that only cost $250 a month. We have been here now for 6 years. I run a lady’s Bible Study.

    Can your family live this way? The first year after we moved in a family with 5 kids moved in. They stayed in what is called a toy hauler. The back comes down and has 2 beds that drop from the ceiling. There is a master bedroom and they had a sofa bed. I was able to become very close to that family. That first year I ran a teenage bible study. It was the most fun.

    We let God make the best out of a bad situation and He has truly used it. With all expenses now at a minimum we are now almost done laying off the expenses of 2 years without work and moving back and forth across country. We also are able to spend the money for gas to go down the mountain for work each day. My husband goes down one side and I go down the other. The thing is – – it works.

    I just wanted to share this with you. There is always hope.

    Ask Jeff for my email,or let him pass it to you personally. I would love to get in touch. We will donate come payday.


    1. Yes, amen, you are right! God knew it was coming. My husband and I ended up living in an embarrassingly ugly fix er up ‘house’. It was very cheap, $377 a month . We had a huge organic garden and started growing and canning all our own food as we could. Basically we became homesteaders, including chopping our own wood for heat. I sold my designer shoes and purses for bee keeping equipment and a chainsaw and other necessities. Rubber boots for high heels! We completely changed our lives at our age, but God has been faithful and sustains us. God let us know in 2008, that we were going to be ahead of everyone in living close to the land. another disaster is coming and he wants us ready to help others do what we do.
      Jereniah29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a future and a hope.

  2. Glory to God, sending a few Engish quids your way mate, not boasting in saying that but hoping to encourage anyone able to , to do the same. Yes many of us are in similar boats and not everyone can help with the coin but prayer is probably more of a help cos the King will use your prayers to move on people who have enough stash to fork out and help so pray without ceasing mates. I’m sure the lassie is looking at ways of downsizing, when I was in the valley ( and I still am but in a different way ) I cut to the bone, froze in the winter, ate left over food from work but as I continued giving the Lord has brought me to a better place thankfully. I’m still praying for my marriage 17 years later as the Lord called me to do and 5 years praying for bodily healing but the Lord reigns. So if anyone can miss a coffee or a pint ( whatever the US equivelent is ) and send a few quid please do. Remember the old lassie in the Bible who was skint, Jesus was watching her and she put a penny in the box while the big wigs put in pounds. Jesus said the old bird had gave more than them cos she gave from her poverty not her wealth. Be encouraged to give folks to this one and to the one in Pakistan. Every penny/cent helps and it goes to your account in heaven. Hope no one is offended by my message. Amen. PS Please pray for the UK, we need Brexit no deal, the enemy is desperate to stop it. Ta.

  3. I am not being heartless….but…..A lot of those expenses are sky high, for example over $2500/month for rent. Move to a cheaper place. There is a lot of room to cut back on expenses. Over $400 a month on cell phones? Come on. Get Trac Fones, and get that down to less than $50/month. Your expenses are out of control. God knows you need to bring your expenses down before you can expect people to help you with bare minimum costs of living. Food expenses are way, way too high. Eat rice and beans and mac and cheese. $600/month for gas for cars. You shouldn’t be spending that in an entire year. Get your expenses way down, and God will reward you for doing so and things will be more manageable. You don’t need a miracle for additional money, you need to cut expenses and live more within your means. Trust God yes, but do your part as a faithful Christian.

  4. I have wanted to write regarding confirmations of prophetic dreams and such that I have had. Instead, I feel I want to reply to this post. Iam very sorry for your situation. Unfortunately, many of us are suffering similar hardships. I am also dealing with such demonic attacks that it is almost laughable. I lost my ability to work 9 years ago after an error from spinal surgery. Chronic pain always. We then lost all our savings and our house in the 2008 recession. My husbands small business dissolved and he got an injury that left him disabled too! We are unable to recoup our losses at 58 and 60 years old. I have been plagued with Tick-borne illness they couldn’t find for 7 years. Suffering with no diagnoses. In October I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. It is the most aggressive type. Grade 3 and negative hormones with a HER2+. Which is aggressive too.
    The treatment they offered would kill me. 4 chemo meds at once. Double mastectomy, radiation and another year of chemo. Just two of the chemo, Herceptin and Perjeta cost $10,500 per month! Insurance doesn’t pay for all these drugs, and most people get a recurrence within two years, so why would I do that to myself and bankrupt us. I gave it entirely to GOD. I feel so peaceful as I know I have a better chance at a longer better quality of life doing it my way. Naturally with nutrition and herbal medicine, and praying without ceasing! Every single Christian I know is going through enormous trials right now. We really had to adjust our lives, and I pray for everyone going through cancer, whatever their choice of treatment. I will pray for your situation, that God will sustain you and provide you with all you need. It won’t be long before we will all be home with our Lord, Jesus Christ.
    Be blessed, and let God hold you up’
    Diane B

  5. On my goodness Patti, we will definitely keep your family in prayer. If I can do anything I will, we have been struggling too, I was afraid I was going to lose my car and we had to go take out a small loan to catch up on that and our rent ourselves. We hardly have any work right now. I know it is hard, but I believe that God is getting us ready for massive change and conditioning is now. I know you probably know this and it doesn’t help things at the moment but try to hold on just a little longer. I feel like within a matter of weeks, yes weeks we will see things change. God is preparing is for this change. Trust Him! Keeping you all in prayer, God Bless!

    1. Nancy I just want to say that I agree with your timeframe it is not going to be very long before we are all going to be in this kind of situation and have to rely 100% the Lord to provide for us and not on the arm of the flesh or our Earthly jobs to provide. We have to keep on pressing on and stay very close to Jesus now and he will give us the strength to overcome this world!

      God bless you Patti and Nancy!

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