I was going to post something else this morning, but this is so pressing in my spirit.

The TIME IS COMING SOON, where true Biblical preaching on sin and repentance.
True proclamation from Holy Scripture will NOT BE TOLERATED!!

To speak out against this evil generation, to call abortion sin, sexual perversion an abomination in the eyes of God will be considered “Hate speech”…..
And ultimately A “HATE CRIME”…that will lead to imprisonment or worse!!!

To preach that CHRIST ALONE is the way, the truth, and the life will be rejected!!

AND you will be hated for saying and believing THIS!!
To preach that there is a glorious Heaven to be gained for the redeemed and an eternal torment of the fires of hell for those who reject the gift of Salvation, ….you will be persecuted and then PROSECUTED!!

If you have EVER believed anything I say, you better heed this, for I stand on the wall and I see this enemy approaching our camps.

I can feel the spiritual shift in the winds and the minds and hearts of the unredeemed are growing darker by the hour!!!!

This will not be entirely bad, for God will use even this for His good!!

This mandate by the “politically correct” that will sweep through our government , WILL indeed separate the TRUE men and women of God from the false “man pleasing wolves” in our pulpits and in the leadership of our churches and will start at the pulpit and filter right down to the pew!!!

Thus, separating the “Sheep from the goat”, and the “Holy from the Profane”!
This MUST and WILL happen!

Sure up your foundations and choose you THIS DAY whom you will serve, for when that day comes, it will too late to choose!!!




  1. While reading the Word this morning, for the first time I understood that Manasseh, and coincidentally (NOT) the tribe most associated with America, I found that his greatest sin in God’s eyes was that he allowed Jews in Israel to worship whatever they chose, as long as it wasn’t God. Sound familiar, anyone?

    Jewish tradition says Manasseh did repent in his latter days; I pray this nation follows suit!

  2. Thank you Jeff and Marty for sharing this.
    I agree with what was spoken however I would like to share something that I believe the Lord has been showing me.
    We have a ministry that mentors children through the use of horses, tools, games and food ect.
    Recently I have had some people come to volunteer. One was a Jewish woman and she shared that she had been very put down by Christians, another girl was into hinduism because she said that was the first place that she had found love. Then last week I was contacted by a 19 year old man. He had a passion to give and spoke of love and giving love. He said that he was not a Christian but he wanted to do something to make a difference with his life and he loves music and wanted to get involved with a music program for kids.
    I kind of freaked out and honestly, in my mind felt like he needed to go away because I couldnt have him around my kids filing them up with all this new age stuff.
    As I continued on with giving him a tour and sharing how God had put so many pieces together in order for our ministry to be possible, I felt this young man softening and my heart also was changing and I felt the love that the Spirit had for this young man.
    At one point he started to tear up and I said that I didn’t mean to sound like I was preaching at him but that I just was so in love and awe at what my Jesus had done for me that I couldn’t help but talk about Him.
    This young man came and helped out and was the best volunteer that I have had. My husband also hired him to help him on a couple handyman jobs as he is basically homeless and looking for work and he is a very good worker.
    As I have spent more time with him and talking to him, the Lord has shown me that these children of His, have all been searching for Him but so called Christians have drove them away from the true Father because of their lack of love. I saw more love and compassion in this young man than I have seen in any of my so called very Godly friends.
    I don’t have the answers but I will say as I have spent time with this young man talking about God, he is beginning to open up to the the Great I Am.
    I believe that this is the harvest. We need to handle these fragile children with care and love. They have turned from the truth because we have failed them. Just like the religious leaders who crusified our Jesus.
    We have to find a balance in that line that we draw and speak it in love and not condemnation. Yes, we have to be very careful not to cross it, but be open and patient with those who do not yet understand.

      1. Lol! Amen!! I was just praying in The Spirit a few min ago while cuddling my son to sleep and I saw and was impressed in my spirit that everytime I took my eyes and focus off of Jesus and put them on those around me in my life I was sinking back under the water that Jesus has been trying to teach me to walk on top of. He kept saying “forgive them and let go.”

  3. Yes it is on the horizon world wide. It is already happening in Canada, well under way. Laws have been passed to criminalize what they call homophobia, islamophobia, climate deniers etc. The provincial government has a new task force hunting down the haters, on the internet and any media outlet. It is illegal to opt your child out of their wicked school agendas and against the law to counsel your child in any negative way in regards to their wicked agendas. In order to get government grants you must sign that you agree with the government stance on abortion, homosexuality etc. Workplaces must promote and stand by the government agenda and if you speak against it in anyway or do not bow down to their rules you will be fired at the least. IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!!! Most of the churches belong to the world council of churches who were also in attendance and in total agreement to the Fraternity Document signed by the pope and the Imam, so they won’t be preaching anything contrary to the new world order agenda. You are right we must have our feet planted on the Solid Rock Jesus Christ, the Sure Foundation. Thanks for posting. Blessings

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