THE  OCEAN  WAVES – Gary Bertnick

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Ocean waves of fatigue wash over
Weariness pulls down with a weight
The older, tired body, heavy and drawn out mind;
Simple things to do become difficult
When long ago a light breeze carried the effort
Now, a strong wind seems to come against,
So much thought left to do
While time a constant drag

Yet, the appetite, even the desire fades some
And leaves a soul at loss!
What can be done?  What should be done?
How and when!  Where!
“In Him we live and move and have our being.”
The heart fully knows, understands and struggles along
For “To live is Messiah; to die is gain”!
We press on until prayer becomes food and drink
Especially when all seems out of reach,
But prayer to God remains the same
As He always hears and answers,
“In God my salvation and glory rest”.
The eyes in the Spirit look beyond
Hope remains hope in the Living Word
Faith only grows toward our goal-
Salvation the Light of all purpose and meaning;
God’s favor, His caring Hands that touch my life, any life,
Makes every moment, every aging trial and effort
More than worth the price paid,
As strength in life fully laid down
Before Yeshua Messiah’s Cross in death to “Self”;
Resurrection Life the Gift that waits
In the sensitivity of a small child clothed with innocence;
The endless waters become still, mighty ocean waves less so-
“Above the earthly waters, the mighty ocean breakers,
The Lord on high stands Supreme!”

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