2-28-19 ~ PRESSING FORWARD IN SPITE OF GREAT WEARINESS (and the Truth about Trump) – Linda Hasche

1 Corinthians 15:58 ~ “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord.”

The above Scripture was on my daily calendar . . . It was and is a GREAT reminder to me and likely to some of you as well. Just when I think “I’m done posting” On my blog (although I have been sharing older posts on Whistleblower Jeff’s site). . . Nope, the Heavenly Father let me know otherwise.

I’m going to get really in-your-face truthful here . . . I have been so very, very weary and disgusted at the lack of wisdom and discernment in “Professing Christians” . . . I just had my fill of it. I felt so done, done, done . .. Disgusted. This morning I asked the Father, “why don’t you just kill me?”
His answer (With what I felt was a “smile” coming from Him)? “I am.”
I had to start laughing at that because yep. . . Gotta die to self . . . Gotta pick up the cross DAILY and follow HIM. So yep, pressing forward and this cross of dying to self goes with me.

One of my greatest areas of disgust, that I see such lack of discernment and wisdom? I see so many previous “truth-tellers” entrapped on the Trump “Make-America-Great-Again” Train, leading many into the ocean of delusion where 100% truth gets drowned out.

I asked the LORD about that:  “What about praying for them?” (E.g., Trump and Pence)

This is what the Heavenly Father told me: “PRAY THEY DO NOT GO BEYOND MY JUDGEMENTS.”

Hello slumbering masses? Are ya getting the point here?
Trump and Pence are a part of Satan’s hybrid team: Pence NEVER EVER was human and Trump became a hybrid back in the spring of 2018.

Just like our brother, Shannon Johnson said in one of his recent videos (see link below), if you are going to pray for the protection of Trump and Pence, ya might as well pray for Obama (THE ANTICHRIST) too.

I’ll go one step further than that, ya might as well pray for the protection of Satan and the fallen angels as well . . . Because that is basically what you are doing, since Trump and Pence are part of his hybrid team (part human, part fallen angel).  


GET THE TRUTH NOW . . . 100% TRUTH or you WILL fall for the deluding influence.

Mystery Babylon, USA, WILL be destroyed, according to the Bible (Revelation 17 & 18) . . It will NEVER, EVER be “Great Again” according to the Bible.

STOP FOCUSING ON THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD!!!!! Or you will spiritually die with it.

If you truly are a Christian, THEN HEAVEN is your home, not USA Mystery Babylon or any other country in the world.

Yes, folks, I’m very very weary and disgusted, but must press forward. I’m mainly praying in the Spirit now, because I don’t know how to pray for the increasingly lost professing “Christians”. I do pray “Father, please let Your will be done.” I have also been praying for the Heavenly Father to unleash his discipline and judgement because more and more people are falling into deception while alive AND more and more people are heading into hell each day.  

NOTE TO SELF: Pick up your cross DAILY, Linda and follow the LORD, obeying HIm in ALL areas  . . . . Let that flesh die, die, die so you can be fully alive in Christ!!!



Woman warrior



Shannon Johnson’s Video:

11-14-18 ~ The Trump Trap – BelieveActs2HARVEST

12-9-18 ~ “100% Truth is ‘the narrow path.’” – BelieveActs2HARVEST

10-11-18 ~ “ALL Global Governments are in Cahoots with Satan!!!”

I received this WORD from the LORD on 10-10-18 and 10-11-18:

ALL global governments are in cahoots with Satan!!!
I will repeat myself again:

ALL global governments are in cahoots with Satan!!!

False hopes abound in Babylon, that which you call United States of America. Don’t you know even YOUR government is in cahoots with Satan!!! You listen to the lies of those who have not heard Me, much less sought Me about these things. America, you are going to be brought down, for your pride, arrogance and global destruction have filled the cup of abomination to overflowing. You greedy nation of self-indulgence. Do you think you will escape that which My people have experienced globally?
Persecution is coming to your nation, oh Babylon. I will refine My people with a refiner’s fire they do not want so their souls will be ready for eternity.

Treacherous deeds are going on behind the scenes in your current White House, yet you are blind and mis-guided for you want your luxuries to continue. They will be destroyed in fires, theft and destruction. Do My people hear Me? No, most do not. Most hear the voices of delusion, casting seeds of false hopes to prevent you from seeking the TRUTH.

Will you repent now and turn from your evil deeds that I may relent and heal your land? No, most will not without my discipline, yet the false voices of delusion keep you from seeing that truth.

Turn NOW before it’s too late, for the global governments are planning your takedown so they can usher in the kingdom of darkness. I will allow the evil plans to burst forth with a vengeance, yet will protect those who are Mine.

Your soul is what they seek as they roll out their genetic enhancement vaccines. Don’t be fooled, My people, for that is THE mark of the beast I warned you about. Trust ME, not what you see or hear, for the delusion is increasing and will continue until the thick darkness covers the people of darkness.

Foreign invaders are in your nation, Babylon. You will implode from within, explode from without and be as a spent firecracker with only bits and pieces remaining. The battles will be fierce, yet the purpose WILL be to draw ALL who will to Me.

Get ready My people. Listen to My voice and follow MY commands, for many will be called to flee in the night to avoid death before your time. Some will be called to remain and assist the survivors. Others will die in battle. Yet others will do great exploits for My purposes.

I AM COMING BACK, but NOT before My final harvest has been gathered. Let your eyes remain on ME. Let your hope remain in ME, for the days of sorrow are here.”



Revelation Chapters 13, 17 & 18


27 thoughts on “2-28-19 ~ PRESSING FORWARD IN SPITE OF GREAT WEARINESS (and the Truth about Trump) – Linda Hasche”

  1. If u dont pray for Trump or pence do we pray for Schumer Pelosi maxine waters etc? Hilary Clinton perhaps?

    1. Why dont you concentrate on praying for the lost that can actually be saved? I dont believe that any of those people/entities can be!

  2. This entire post made me tremble..literally tremble. -sigh-

    I don’t like any of this at all. -ugh-

    Anyways, if we doubt the hybrid angle, there has been red flags about Trump from the very beginning. I am distressed for my loved ones who just follow him. They do that because they think he will help save the West. I tell them that – if Christendom was ever a thing – it is gone. The West is not going to be saved. Jesus is coming back to judge the world..including the West, which must be noxious considering all.the ways we behave, things we promote. I worry a lot about children. Those who are too small, too innocent of all the things swirling around.them..what’s going to be happen with them? Do you guys even realise the kind of cartoons and stories that is peddled to children? Look at Papa Sky. He wanted me to read it to him. I saw right away, it wasn’t right but prayed and thought..”well, I’ll just tell him it’s fiction – not real”. It was beautifully written and *horrible*. I got to the part where “papa sky” fell down to Earth, the animals gathered around him, and then.. I shut the book. The part I didn’t read to him but saw:

    The animals had shocked expressions on their faces and said that Papa Sky was their everything, their *all*..and they needed to help him get back to the sky.

    I couldn’t believe I saw that. Did the authors not realise what they were talking about????

    I hate this stuff. I prefer not to know it, but it’s not my will, but His. Always always always. But..I fall short so much.

    And what happens to Obama’s kids (albeit, they are grown)? What about Pence’s wife? She is teaching art at a Christian school. What happens to these people if the horrible things said are true? Obama..well..I already knew since he showed up on the scene that there was an anti-Christ spirit there, but it is hardly the fault of those girls. Not even sure they look like him anyways.

    The only thing I know to do in all situations and circumstances is to trust God and pray…instead of worrying, which doesn’t help anything and only pulls the focus off of the Creator.


    1. Dear Sarah,

      When at the end of all your questions, concerns, and anxieties, as expressed in this comment, you mentioned that all you know to do in the face of all this is to trust God and pray, in this regard, I desire to share with you what I believe that Lord showed me in a dream as to what those who are called into a ministry of prayer and intercession are like and what their prayers are like.

      On the night of March 1, this year, I saw a dream, but when I woke up the next morning, I had no recollection of it. When I was freshening up for the day, I saw an image flash in my mind and realized that it was a snippet of the dream I’d had the previous night. I wondered out aloud as to what it meant. But then I let it slip and did not dwell over it. However, this morning, March 3, when observing my quiet time with the Lord, I felt impressed to write down that snippet of the dream, and as I wrote, the understanding of that snippet came.

      In this snippet of the dream, I saw a building, and around it were people that I understood to be believers, specifically those called to a ministry of prayer and intercession. They were all on fire, and the chain they formed standing around the building was also on fire. I understood that believers called to this ministry were in the spirit like a protective ring of fire around that which they were called to pray and intercede for. As they prayed, the Spirit of God was manifesting through them as fire. I then saw evil spirits, horribly misshapen entities, try to assault the building, but they couldn’t get near it because of the ring of fire. So they tried to assault the ring of fire instead. I saw the believers pushed and swayed by them, but as long as the believers remained steadfast in their calling and ministry, the demonic pushing and shoving could not break the ring or quench the fire. And the building stood.

      Those called into a ministry of prayer and intercession may never get to preach fiery sermons, they may not get to minister healings or miracles to the multitudes, they may never step into the public office of a prophet to bring correction to nations and their leaders, they may not have elaborate teaching ministries to train and instruct the body of Christ, and so they may mistakenly believe that they have no significance in the body of Christ, but I believe that the Most High, who makes his messengers winds and his servants flames of fire, has shown me that those who are given the task of prayer and intercession, in the spirit, are a fiery flame and that their prayers form a protective ring of fire around those matters that they are called to stand in the gap and pray and intercede for.

      Your prayers, dear Sarah, are not insignificant, and neither are you or your calling.

      1. Thanks, Sujit. I’ll take it to prayer, but it is a good dream regarding intercessors. I don’t know what my “job” is in the church. All I know is that if I don’t continually (and it’s a daily effort) keep Him before my face, many different anxieties/concerns/fears arise and threaten to consume my mind. I actually regretted posting all that. I used to get panic attacks. I’ve had barrage attacks of anxiety. Very long history of this sort of thing that always has to be rebuked and nipped..and not “later” but right away or else little seeds sprout into weeds that choke everything out. I’m sure that is true of most people who are prone to such things, but the good news is that Jesus helps if we truly let Him take control. I used to say that I will have faith in the Lord and not in the fear. The fear says it’s impossible and throws up many series of “what-ifs”, but it’s almost always a lie. Any concern needs to be brought to the Lord, not mulled over and dwelled upon. Years ago when I had some of the worst of the attacks, instead of truly giving it into His hands, I would pray long prayers that didn’t help. They didn’t help because I was using the prayer to ruminate and then everytime I’d ask Him to give me relief in my dreams, I’d get a tormenting nightmare. It all reinforces into itself. If you pray outside of real trust, things can get so much worse. In the day, I thought that sleep would provide relief; in my dreams, I wanted to wake up. It was all designed to decommission and weaken. Jesus said don’t pray like the pagans who think they will be heard for their many words. After months of this, I finally learned my lesson. I presented the problem and *decided to trust Him with it*. Not overnight, but it started to diminish right away and then was finally gone.

        But indulging it again, and it will come back. Trust trust trust.

        Much of what you said made sense. I am small..so small..I am no one and I am nothing.

        Which is good because Jesus is everything.

        And that is *so much better*.

        -if that makes sense-

  3. Hi Linda, just wondering how it could be that Pence was never ever human? Surely he was born human, as only God can truly create? Wikipedia says: – Michael Richard Pence was born June 7, 1959, in Columbus, Indiana, one of six children of Nancy Jane (née Cawley) and Edward Joseph Pence Jr., who ran a group of gas stations. I guess this would be verifiable? I would appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Great question, Matthew and thank you for asking. That same question can also apply to Obama-THE-antichrist and the current Pope-THE-False-prophet; all three of those the Holy Spirit showed me are half human and half fallen angel (e.g., “hybrids”) it’s nothing that makes sense to our natural mind. All three of those were never fully human. It must take confirmation from Holy Spirit, otherwise it sounds absolutely crazy.
      What I “see” in all three of the before-mentioned entities is a very deep darkness in their eyes. A soulless type of void that is not found when I look into the eyes of a human. That is again something that only Holy Spirit can show us, because you can not see it with “natural eyes”.

      However, Jesus actually warned us about “hybrids” appearing in our day and time prior to His return, “As in the days of Noah”, when there was “Giants in those days”; these were hybrids (half human, half fallen angel).
      I don’t understand how fallen angels and humans can have offspring, I truly don’t. But it does have something to do with DNA changes.

      As an aside note: we will ALSO see literal Giants manifesting in our world, prior to the LORD’s return.

      PLEASE, take all of this to the LORD in prayer; only HE can confirm what I’m telling you is the truth. You won’t find it on Wikipedia.
      Linda (BelieveActs2)

      Genesis 6:4 ~ “THERE WERE GIANTS IN THOSE DAYS; AND ALSO AFTER THAT, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Matthew 24:37-42 ~ “For the coming of the Son of Man WILL BE JUST LIKE THE DAYS OF NOAH. For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be. Then there will be two men in the field; one will be taken and one will be left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken and one will be left.
      “Therefore be on the alert, for you do not know which day your Lord is coming

      1. Apparently the DNA of angels and humans are similar enough to allow for the blending of the two with great ease. Though my video on the Mark of the beast doesn’t directly answer the ‘How is this possible question?’ it does get insight into how the “mark” could easily be mass produced.

        1. Here is an excellent book which explains your posting from a biblical perspective.
          “Judgment Of The Nephilim” by Ryan Pitterson. You can get it on Amazon.

    2. Just a theory: when they take on physical form – to appear like a human being – they also have some of the genetic instructions. I was taught that it is impossible for two unlike creatures to reproduce *naturally*. It’s a basic boundary/law. This is being violated with animals and plants by almost literally “mad scientists”..consider GMO and experiments with creating animal-human chimera (which is openly talked about). So, who knows what else is possible? The whole subject is repellant.

  4. “I asked the LORD about that: “What about praying for them?” (E.g., Trump and Pence)
    This is what the Heavenly Father told me: “PRAY THEY DO NOT GO BEYOND MY JUDGEMENTS.””

    What exactly does this mean? Though some will disagree with me, I believe the Lord raised up President Trump and Vice-President Pence “for such a time as this” to uncover the great evil which has been so well hidden in America until now. The uncovering had to come first but that certainly wasn’t going to happen if the status quo remained unchanged or unchallenged. However, the “work” God has given President Trump to do may end there. It may be that Trump’s responsibility is not to go so far as to actually bring down judgment upon the perpetrators of the heinous things which have been brought to light. God could be saying when He states, “PRAY THEY DO NOT GO BEYOND MY JUDGEMENTS,” “Pray that Trump/Pence do not go beyond the assignment I’ve given them to do. They were raised up to expose, not judge. I’ll do that. But I wanted America to see what’s been going on so that when I do pour out my judgments, America will know they are justified judgments.”

    1. Greetings Kathleen,
      I’ll bring some clarity on what the LORD showed/told me. It’s not my opinion, but it will take confirmation from Holy Spirit, since it will not make sense to “the natural mind.”
      Trump reports to Obama.
      Trump was placed into office by the Heavenly Father to test the hearts of His people .. . Would His people repent and turn to Him or would they turn to a man (e.g., Trump)? We did not repent as a people, most professing Christians have turned to Trump to “make America Great Again” and we are even more wicked than two years ago (look at the new abortion laws, for example).
      When the LORD told me, “PRAY THEY DO NOT GO BEYOND MY JUDGEMENTS” . . . I understood He meant they don’t bring greater disaster upon this nation than the Heavenly Father will use for discipline.
      Again, not my opinion, but based on what the Heavenly Father has shown/told me. Please take it to the LORD in prayer.


  5. Wow this speaks to me as well .. hardest thing ever is pray for and love the unlovable. For the last year I have been dealing with the turnpike building a highway right next to my house .. I have to keep reminding myself it’s the Lords house not mine it’s so frustrating to see the damage done to my property and carelessness they have toward me and my neighbors but true I believe God is doing a mighty work in me thru all this that’s to love and pray for them ! Persevere until the end is not easy blessings to all the warriors!

    1. Amen and AMEN Debi.
      We’re going through “refiner’s Fire” … Over . . . And over . . . And over again.
      PHEW .. . It’s more “OUCH, THANK YOU JESUS” time.

  6. Wow, I know exactly how Linda feels! You try everything to get through to people and they are so deceived and spiritually ignorant! Praying daily for them to wake up and see the big picture!

    1. Not much we can do except pray and/or speak up as Holy Spirit directs, Nancy. There is an old saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” . . Applies with truth . . .
      You can present truth, but if people don’t want to hear it, there’s nothing we can do about that, except pray for them.
      After all, we are now in the time of increasing darkness and the rise of “the beast system”. LIES will be accepted as truth … Truth will be increasingly seen as “hate speech.”

      Isaiah 5:20 ~ “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. “

  7. This morning I asked the Father, “why don’t you just kill me?”
    His answer (With what I felt was a “smile” coming from Him)? “I am.”

    Wasn’t it just wonderful though, the peace you felt when He said this?

    He said something similar to me about 3 months back when I was crying and hurting in my heart on the way to work. I was feeling so stretched thin, abused, abandoned, and burdened with others I am carrying in intercession and selfless service to them despite the abuse and mocking from them.

    He heard my heart and spoke to my spirit, “Cant you see? I am giving you what you have been praying for so fervently since last year. To be able to truly love those who are rejecting, abandoning, mocking and killing you while you are giving yourself, unto death, in true-hearted loving service to them. How to die to yourself and walk in selfless sacrificial love.” I then saw a picture in my mind of Jesus on the cross right before He took His final breath.

    I got such joy and peace when He said this. It’s what I really want.

    Complete Your perfect work Lord Jesus in me please. Have patience and never give up on me please!

    You are in my prayers Big Sister. Thank you for sharing this!!! There are more awake than you realize. 🙂


    1. Thank you very much, Beth and AMEN about the peace of the Father.
      I really did laugh when He said, “I am” . . . I also did feel Him smile at me In my spirit, like a loving Father would when His child asks a ridiculous question.
      Oh Yeah . . . That dying to self daily . . It’s real . . LOL

  8. Amen, amen, amen! I too am weary and disgusted of this Trump train! Thank you Lord for using this woman to answer a question of my own. Should I be praying for Trump? Also! Long before I heard the Trump Train ideology, I had a dream of a Train and Trump. I won’t get into all the details but he was in the lost and found part of train lying down sideways in a bunker rolled up like a baby choking and gasping. A big baby Trump.

    But yeah. Everyone is still supporting him and it makes me want to vomit.

    Father’s will be Done!

    1. Interesting dream, Stacey.
      The delusion is so thick. . . I can’t even say anything to those caught in the delusion, or they get angry. . . So pray, pray and pray some more.
      Truth will eventually come out.

  9. With you in weariness, AND asking Him to bring His judgments, to cleanse this earth of all its filth! BUT, His timing is perfect…

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