5 thoughts on “EMA Earthquake Advisory next 72 hours to two weeks – Mary Greeley”

  1. I clicked on your link, while, and it turned bad. “F-life” came up on my address bar and I clicked it off immediately before it fully loaded.

    I expect it’ll be all over the news whenever the peace plan comes out.

  2. The Lord told me yesterday by the Holy Spirit….. ENDURE BY MY LOVE… I can only assume the word ENDURE is related to a soon coming event. Then last night out of nowhere it came upon me to get a few more backpacks ….the words “reorganize, redistribute and repack”were very clear. Strange but true. I dont know if an escape or a move is imminent, but I’m sensing every step and decision be brought to Him now for guidance…. Bless you all and psalm 91 over us always.

  3. Think maybe you all may be missing this. Many of you many have forgotten that many believe that Hurricane Katrina came about from the forced evacuations of The Jewish Settlements in THE GAZA STRIP in August 2005.

    Also, 9-11 occurred a day before a peace for Land deal with The Palestinians was to be presented to The U.N. I believe.

    So, allegedly in April or so, a Middle east Peace Plan is to be presented which includes THE DIVISION OF JERUSALEM in April of 2019?

    So,would be be too far fetched to think that God may intervene in this plan with a judgment against this nation?

    Think about it?

    Like to re-post this on other posts regarding the subject.

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