1. Brother Shannon,

    I confirm this also. I had a dream about two weeks ago and after prayer in the evening before I went to bed I asked the Our Lord King Jesus what event is happening soon. I bless Jesus our KING told him that I love him and went to bed. I was shown the dashboard to our saturn which currently has many warning lights and started to flash on and off then I was shown a time clock with 43 to 34 seconds to go and the dream was over. Peace of CHRIST THIS WORD IS TRUE PLEASE LET US ALL BE PREPARED. With love to all the brethern and sisters in christ be blessed.

  2. I don’t see that being against scripture all he is saying that Jesus is coming back soon and many others have been told the same thing and yes we are to watch and be ready because we know not the hour so I don’t see anything wrong with what our brother Shannon said so all he is doing is warning us that Kesus is coming back soon which is true

  3. Thank you brother for sharing this timely message of warning from the LORD. In the early 1980’s, as a young lady in my parent’s home, I began to often retrieve to my bedroom in order to spend time with the LORD. And one day, as I was doing so, the LORD spoke these words to me which were so personal and intimate.
    He say, “Karla, I want you to LISTEN:” He said, “I’M COMING BACK! I’M COMING BACK!! I’M COMING BACK, SOONER THAN YOU THINK!!!” After which, I began to lift up a prayer, not for myself, but that my family would “MAKE IT”–into the Kingdom of Heaven. And, I felt at that time and continue to believe that He heard and received that prayer! Praise God!
    Your DREAM brother of the LORD Jesus standing and swinging a TIME-CLOCK in His hand is NO different! It is the LORD JESUS stating to us loudly and clearly: “I’M COMING BACK . . . . SOONER, THAN YOU THINK–BE READY!!!”
    Praise Jesus

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