NIBIRU/PLANET X – PLANETS AGAIN ! & The Theology of Planet X in the Bible – TimFoster405

The South Carolina Webcams showed the same planets AGAIN around 4:30 to 5:30… Also, see this Planet X summary from the God’s Word and many modern prophetic word about Planet X. Lastly, see The Science behind the 3 hour eclipse when Jesus hung on the Cross.

Download Planet X Bible Summary:…

Download Prophetic Words about Planet X:…

Link to SC Webcams:


One thought on “NIBIRU/PLANET X – PLANETS AGAIN ! & The Theology of Planet X in the Bible – TimFoster405”

  1. Planet X and cloud planets?
    a) UV source…kills plants, affect weather clouds rain much more…
    b) magnetic, twists poles planets, warms interior heating..magma, volcanoes, CO2..
    c) tail comet, not sterile, much disease, sweeps planets, kills much
    d) eclipse? tail…in way sun
    e) movement: 40 years, exodus: 5 year before pass worst, 5 years after worst
    f) historically comes ever 3600 years or so…a lot depends upon constellation enters from..some are worst outcomes (pole shifts) than others.
    g) plate tensions? earth wobble like top… quakes, especially Alaska
    h) season..all a mix…messed up jet stream, excessive water, volcanic issues, ect
    i) Exodus, all the plagues
    j) fix? UV-C from sun (30 minutes) once clouds clear…sterilize
    k) reason no rain water collection
    l) cities? disease countries
    m) pryrons?
    n) crops? local farms like Russians’
    o) wars: OT…many, target opportunity
    p) inner planets, large elliptical orbits…mars crossing Earth… see moons like Greeks did
    q) solar storms< Corona holes track magnetic neutron Star…rubber band, can reverse orbits
    r) solar ejections when band breaks (remote viewing)…Korean war
    s) left overs? Himilyans sink, magma warmed, Movie 2012, Lemuria rises… was past pole shift flyby…raised mountains…
    t) catastrophe disruptions long geological theory
    u) fix? pray

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