Obama is About to Go to War! – Adam Steiger

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March 10, 2019 (9 30 a.m.)

I was walking outside of my old house and onto the sidewalk toward the street, finishing a cigarette (I quit smoking almost 5 years ago; this detail might apply to me personally).

It was night out, and I had then realized that I was in a dream (the spirit realm). 
I recall telling myself to just trust God with anything that happens (as operating on defensiveness, anger, or fear, I’ve observed, seems to end a dream prematurely?), as i then noticed two pickup trucks pulling up to the duplex across the street from me.  As they parked next to the right hand apartment building, it looked like they were dropping off some mail and packages by the front door.

One of the pickup trucks was white, while the other was blue.

Blue.  That [color] stands for prophecy…” I muttered, as I continued to look on.

After they pulled away and left the neighborhood, I then contemplated what I should do next (because, as I’ve also observed, when I’m in a lucid state in dreams, I usually don’t have much time to stand idle before it ends).  Peering down past the road where the trucks had driven off, however — I then felt a gentle force attempting to guide me toward the direction of the apartment building, where the mail was dropped off.

I choose to oblige (Amos 3:3).

Ascending my neighbor’s stairwell, I noticed a small mess of letters, newspaper, and other adverts; along with a large package resting against the front door.  Resisting the urge to take all of it, I decided to just collect most of what was down in front of me.  Afterward, I turned away and began walking back toward my house, taking a moment to glance at what I had taken.

The first advert near the top of the pile caught my attention.

I don’t recall everything verbatim — but the advert had a yellow color to it, along with this message:


I awoke almost immediately after reading this.