2 thoughts on “Prophecy Update: Thus Saith The Lord, “I Will Divide The Land With Water…” – Mena Lee Grebin”

  1. With the dreams of warning that I have had this about right. Something is going to hit and I’m not sure in what way but the high places will be a point of refuge. The dreams I’ve had have frightended me. Even my oldest son knows something is about to hit.

  2. Mena…I hope you read this. All that you have stated is exactly what the Lord gave me over the past week or two, it is from the Lord. I, too, was led to read the book of Habakkuk just recently and I was focused on the exact same words…about the violence in the land and the water coming up over the land. I had been thinking so much about all of the blood shed in and on our land from its’ inception. Every time I think about what is happening to innocent children, specifically, I cry. Also, about two years ago I had a dream of a tsunami hitting N.Y. City. There was no sign saying it was N.Y. City, but I could tell from the landscape and buildings that it was. Also, I realize now that the crying in my spirit the past 2 weeks is because of what is happening in our country and the severe judgment that is upon us right now, and sadly, there is no action from our president that can stop what is already decreed by the Lord. May the Lord have mercy on His own who live here.

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