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  1. Hi Sir,

    In that post, you wrote this:

    “The book that explains this best is Enoch. It is one of many books have been taken out of our modern bibles. The original 1611 King James Version of the bible had 82 books.​
    ​W​hy do we only have 66 now? (topic for a different discussion!)”

    Did you ever start that discussion? I never touched Enoch because “it’s not canon!” And I presumed that something must be wrong with it because it never made our Bible. I’m still going to read it, I think, but I’m curious as to what you have to say about this!

    A bit interesting how you referenced the destruction of Canaan in this way because I saw an article literally the day before reading this saying that! I have also mentioned in my prayers that I would not have trouble killing livestock, but little babies?? But I always just trusted that He knows best. Never had an explanation before (other than assuming that the children would grow up resenting Israel; it was the only way I could make sense of it). It makes sense, though, of why Israel was told to wait 400 years in Egypt. Why the rules of warfare also were different for the other gentiles. And also that we know giants were there. It hooks together well.


    1. I also want to know if Deuterocanonical and Apocryphal books included in the Septuagint are “scriptures”, I never found an answer.

    2. Sarah, Sorry for taking so long to answer this I didn’t see it. Here’s the thing about Enoch, the religious system that controlled the world at the time when the Canon scripture was being put together was totally controlled by the enemy. The enemy knows that we will need the information in the Book of Enoch in the end times which is where we are right now. Enoch was found in the Dead Sea Scrolls so that is proof that is legitimate and authentic. They may have had a question about that way back when but there is no question today. I would strongly urge you to read The Book of Enoch and let the Holy Spirit be your guide. The holy spirit will lead you into all truth and what you need to gather from that book. There are many truths in The Book of Enoch that you can find in no other book of the Bible but yet our Bible quotes Enoch so go figure…

      Blessing love and peace

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