Daughter, stand on the rooftop and shout The watchmen have been sounding the alarm. They have been warning my people. They have been warning my people on earth.  Children you have not headed my words.  You have not prepared yourself or your families for the coming destruction, catastrophes, coming earth changes and persecution.  Many family members will perish Nations will collapse, financial systems will collapse. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Repent and return to me humble yourselves My judgments have already begun.




  1. corrected version:

    We’re consistently being told to prepare, but I am a black and white thinker. I understand spiritually getting right with God and praying and sharing His messages. But what else is “get prepared” referring to? To be like the preppers with x amount of water and canned foods and candles, etc? I am seriously asking for input. The messages are quite generic in this area, and not too helpful. Thanks. In Christ, Sue C

    1. Dear Sue,
      Those who put their hope in Jesus alone, need not prepare physically for their own sake, but if you feel compelled to prep, it would be for others, as a testimony. All who lean solely on Jesus and prepare our hearts spiritually by daily cleansing and repentance, will see God’s miraculous mercy taking care of them in all respects.
      I hope it helps. 🙂

      1. DearSue,

        You are absolutely correct. Unless the Lord is personally calling you to relocate and to prep then there is no need to worry or stress about it. 🙂

        (The main reason why I believe this to be so is because;… a lot of people are gonna be dead in a split second when Gods time for them comes during His Coming Judgments and they will barely have time enough to Believe on His name and be saved and/or to cry out in repentance and be saved, much less use any of the things they have prepped and stored away. hopefully the things we have been fortunate to prep and store away now, like Holy Bibles (KJV), Bottled Water, Canned Food and lots of Toilet Paper and Paper Towels, hopefully these things will not be completely destroyed as well and can still be found and used by survivors who still need to Believe and Repent before they die.)

        What many people are failing to remember is that Gods Judgments are coming to destroy the wicked and to cause the apostate sleeping so-called christian church and the so-called christians to Believe and to Repent before they to physically die so that their Spiritual Soul can Spiritually Live.)

        Bottom line some people may miraculously be saved by divine intervention for Gods Reasons and Purposes and they might even live on to do Gods work throughout the earth both physically and/or or Spiritually afterwards (Same as Jesus did after his death and resurrection, before His ascension), but mostly everyone else caught up in ground zero of Gods Judgments are gonna physically die, both Believers and Unbelievers together, as the rain it falls on both the just and the unjust together.

        Which is why the last few years of warnings have not been about “The Milk of Salvation”, but the Gods Warnings from His Modern day Watchpersons have been about The Meat of Prophecy” and the Need To Believe and to Repent Daily/Nightly so that we will be prepped/prepared to meet our maker if and when our times comes upon us suddenly as a thief in the night.

        Those who do not understand this way of thinking are still thinking with their carnal flesh and blood minds, and not with Holy Spirit of Discernment, these are the people who do not understand the scriptures in the Holy Bible that say;..”Flesh and Blood shall never inherit the Kingdom of God (Heaven)”.

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