“Suddenly, unexpectedly,and GREAT sorrow shall fall upon all the nations.” – Patti Huson

Oh daughter, oh Jacob, oh Israel, my kingdom
comes, my will is done on earth as it has already
been established in heaven, all for my glory alone. I AM the creator of ALL things and I AM the destroyer who brings death to ALL things who oppose and are not of me. The winds have shifted, the clouds have darkened, a great storm
has now arisen on this do you not feel this change?
Expectation, everyone waits with expectation of
the things to come, the messengers have blown
the horns, sounded the trumpets of the great wars
and destruction to come. But l tell you these things
shall come upon mankind suddenly, unexpectedly,
and GREAT sorrow shall fall upon all the nations.
But to those who dwell in Zion, in my presence alone, those who walk not in the outer realm but in my inner sanctuary who share intimacy with me,
I shall be their covering, for is not safety found in my house? Seek me early in the morning while may be found. The harvest is coming soon, for I
shall thrust my sickle into the earth for the lives of
many shall be reaped. So l say Daughter of Zion
rejoice for I say I have come that they may all have life, I have come so that those who thirst after righteousness would come unto me, I have come to give sight to those who are blind, I have come to open the ears of those who do not hear, for
I Jehovah Rapha have come for the healing of all the nations and to set my people free for AM your deliverer. Rejoice for no longer shall darkness hold
the minds of my people.