The End Game! – Benjamin Faircloth


“America you have reached your end game! The time of exposure has arrived. Your nakedness has been revealed and your shame is exposed! The curtains that hide your dirty sheets of your sordid affairs has been opened- but only a few really care! The stench of your sin has become normal; therefore, few realize the mire in which you wallow! Awaken the enemies and foes of a nation who stood far above the rest- bow down NOW, because of the weight of your sin and pride! America, I have warned you that I will divide your land and you are watching it come true. Divided you fall because you cannot stand- your enemies will conquer you with ease! Where are you America? You are at your end game! You’ve played the fool and harlot, now the time has come to finish your part! Where is the decay and where is our failure, you will ask, and I will tell you this day, look around you and see what sin will produce! Your White House will not escape what is coming- your church houses will not avoid My appearing. For I AM coming to judge the earth with fire and woe to those who are not prepared for this fire!” Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 22)


2 thoughts on “The End Game! – Benjamin Faircloth”

  1. America is not in existence any longer. What she has become is Sodom and Gomorrah. Soon, fire and brimstone will rain down on her. Her destruction is soon to come.

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