The Tsunami of His Spirit – Pieter Kirstein

God’s vessels are being prepared for a major outpouring of His Spirit. The only real breakthrough that we have sought through the denial of self is the break through ourselves into the fulness of God.

There shall be no more popularity contests in the body of Jesus Christ in the great outpouring of the final Pentecost. It shall be done through a corporate body of sold-out believers. No one can claim any glory because it all belongs to God. There is a major surprise coming to the body of Christ throughout the earth when prideful men and women who love self-exaltation through religious titles shall be amazed and completely undone when they see whom the Lord is going to use in the coming days.

Great displays of God’s kingdom, of His glory and of His power shall be witnessed by all the nations of the world through a meek and a humble people. A people who love to stay hidden. A people undefiled, untainted and uncorrupted by the religious systems and organisations of men. A people raised up, trained and dangerously equipped by the greatest Mentor of the church, THE LORD THE HOLY SPIRIT.

There is very soon coming a people on the scene and the world stage that shall walk in the fulness of their God. They shall operate and demonstrate all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the sevenfold Spirit of God shall be seen in them. They shall speak the counsel of God to leaders of nations.

There is coming a great move of the LORD by HIS SPIRIT. The fulness of the Deity shall be demonstrated through the end-time church of the First born.

Multitudes shall be in awe of the wonder and the glory and the reality of our God. No one will be able to make an excuse for testimonies shall flood this earth as the Lord demonstrates His love and power through humble vessels of honor.

The harvest shall be reaped and a people shall be prepared and those who know their God shall experience the greatest adventure through Kingdom exploits.

The dam wall of the flesh is about to break and the river of God’s glory shall flow, yes even the tsunami of God’s Spirit shall break in upon this sleeping generation and cause a great awakening through a major shaking. I prophesy and declare the EARTHQUAKE OF THE KINGDOM OF ALMIGHTY GOD.

Destinies shall be birthed through a series of suddenlies and things about our lives shall rapidly fall into place as that which is already established in the spirit manifests itself in the natural.

There is coming a clarity and an understanding upon the people of God. Be ready, stay focused and press into God because the WATERS ARE ABOUT


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  1. Leaving details aside, I was given a very strong clue that a major moment of God will coincide with major turmoil as well. This particular son of God was physically healed. He was shocked after decades of major health issues. It seems my tongue is tied in saying much more. I don’t think He’s allowing me to comment further.

  2. I had a mop bucket of water fall all over my feet and shoes the other day at work! It had never happened to me before! Blessings in Yahushua!

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