2 thoughts on “The World is Racing Toward The Mark of the Beast Technology Fast! – Monique Bizet”

  1. Hi there monique great wakeup call.
    I said to my wife and son the full term babies are I think not been killed but used for tests somewhere underground, labertories making them killer machines universal sodiers inplanted brain chip, totally
    Brainwashed zombies.
    Killing babies was easy in the past cut them to pieces inside the womb and away it goes.
    I believe some sick goverment idea to have full term babies killed is to get guinea pigs.
    So people believe they have a dead baby BUT!!!
    SO yes that is wat I Think
    God bless

    1. Hi Geert,
      You may be on to something. The atrocities that are being done is incredible. Child sacrifice, trafficking, etc. May the Lord wake up His people.
      Bless you

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