5 thoughts on “(*UKE MAY HAVE COME OVER THE SOUTHERN BOARDER and lots more) THEY DONT WANT THIS OUT! – Marfoogle News”

  1. 10, 20 years from now A.I. will be everywhere including inside our brains. I highly doubt it.

    A Solar Flare eruption, or a Super Volcano eruption, or an Asteroid impact and/or an EMP detonation on, in or above the United States of America, will pretty much set America back to the stone age, so A.I. will have been just a pipe dream in America if one of these events occur first.

    Nevertheless in Europe or anywhere’s else in the world for that matter who still have electricity and internet and WiFi, they might be able to use A.I. over there to enforce their mark of the beast system in those countries, but in America the Mark of the Beast system will be much easier to implement. All they have to do is tell the people that if they want food, water and basic necessities, like gas, and electricity and/or an education/job/medical/pharmaceuticals/welfare check;..etc;.. all they have to do is go down to their local Walmart and sign themselves in and deny Jesus Christ and live.

    It will be like taking candy from a baby. All those who will never deny Jesus;…we will all die horrible physical deaths;…but we shall live eternally with our Lord God The Messiah Jesus Christ in Heaven forever and ever, unless God miraculously intervenes on our behalf and blinds some eyes and keeps us physically alive and helps us to escape their clutches so we can do more of His bidding, only then can we live and preach another day.

    However all those who submit to their mark of the beast system they will lose their Immortal Eternal Spiritual Souls unto everlasting loneliness, darkness, despair and death apart from God and Heaven and eternally burn in the lake of fire.

  2. Also, sorry, hospitals and trauma centers.

    Brush up on administering first aid. yes, I know pray for safety but people will need your/ my help.
    No where is really safe. Don’t bug out thinking you are going to a safe place. The safest place may be where you are. Cannot run from radiation. Gets in the wind, will spread.
    Inhale, get sick. Touch any object, gets on skin.

    EMP effect from blast will damage some electronics.

  3. Do take this seriously as we are being invaded.

    Big internal trouble is coming. Your/my local law enforcement will need our help.

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