7 thoughts on “3 Days of Darkness, WHY? and WARNING WARNING WARNING – Bonnie Blessing”

  1. Lot of confusion going on people wat is there not to understand.
    Three days of darkness is three days of darkness.
    Not fatima or years or whatever.
    Go to most U Tub 3 days of darkness and see .
    God bless

  2. Great post. The Lord showed me this example as it relates to the lukewarm and unbelievers in the time of this 3 days….and It applied to my walk many times as well. The 3 days can equal months or years too. Day 1…..Denial and running from Him , Day 2 surrendering with brokenness and exhaustion in the continuing darkness, Day 3 repentance from us and transformation from His loving heart and hand…. restoring His people back to obedience out of pure love for Him again.

  3. I thought this idea came from the messages given from the entity calling itself the virgin mary. At Fatima maybe.

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