4-10-19 ~ “PREPARE FOR TRANSFORMATION” – Linda Hasche


Isaiah 60:1-2 (NASB) ~
For behold, darkness will cover the earth
And deep darkness the peoples;
But the Lord will rise upon you
And His glory will appear upon you.”


Greetings and blessings. I’m going to be a bit lengthy here, so please grab a cup of coffee, tea or water and have a seat. I want to talk to each one of you personally in this post . . . Please.

Several weeks ago (or maybe a month or so ago), I started seeing all of this “stuff” on the internet about “The Three Days of Darkness” (I’ll call 3DD), much of it just a mixture of “stuff” but not really 100% truth coming from the LORD. This 3DD “stuff” was and is causing much confusion amongst professing Christians who did not ask the LORD about it for himself/herself. AND is also causing division. Hmm, wonder where that comes from?


I had people send me emails asking about the 3DD “stuff” and if I had received anything from the LORD about it. No, I had not, but that doesn’t mean anything; He may have chosen not to share anything about it with me. Nobody is given everything from the LORD, so we must remain humble and keep seeking Him for 100% truth . . . DAILY!!!

Anyway, I decided to seek the LORD about it and ask Him directly:
What about this three days of darkness?”

His answer: “It’s related to the comet.”

Then instantly the Holy Spirit brought Isaiah 60:1 to mind (quoting it, but not telling me where it was located; I had to look that up):


I didn’t press further, because the LORD was letting me know the darkness comes in association with “Planet X” (also called “Nibiru”) . .. . AND. . That is the time when those who have been chosen by the LORD will be transformed and . . . . (Warning: I’m going to shout here):


It will be a time of spiritual transformation whereby those whom the LORD has chosen (His “chosen vessels”), will receive an impartation from Holy Spirit that WILL transform him/her into an End Times army of harvesters of souls for the Kingdom of Heaven.  You WON’T be cowering in a corner, behind closed doors, with blackened Windows and lighting non-scented candles if you are a “chosen vessel.”  NO!!  NO!! And again I say NO!!!  You’re light WILL be shining with the love and presence of Holy Spirit in you, through you and on you.  GO OUT AND BLAZE THAT LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS!!!

These chosen vessels will be fulfilling the Scriptures that Yeshua (Jesus) said would happen:

John 14:12 (ESV) ~ “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”

I didn’t feel prompted/led to write anything up at that time so I didn’t, especially with all of the “prophetic mixture stuff” being slung around like pig slop in a trough, where non-discerning individuals lap up the mixture like a kid in a candy store . . . and . . . Did NOT seek the LORD if that “stuff” was true or not. Nope. MOST didn’t do it. A FEW sought the LORD for truth, but that would be consistent with the following Scriptures:

Matthew 7:13-15 (BSB) ~ “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a FEW find it. Beware of false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”


So, what about Sister Such-and-Such and Brother Bo-Bo who have shared truth and the warnings rang true? Shouldn’t we keep “following” them because they were true before?


Don’t follow ANY PERSON . . . Follow the LORD Jesus . . Yeshua THE Messiah. Take ALL . . . ALL . . . ALL prophetic dreams, visions, words, teachings, revelations to the LORD in prayer YOURSELF. Ask HIM,
“Is this true?

I’m talking about what I share as well. DON’T FOLLOW ME .. . FOLLOW JESUS . . . Yeshua THE Messiah!!!

Folks, ya gotta get your OWN personal, intimate, in-love-with-the-LORD relationship with THE Messiah Yeshua (Jesus). NOBODY can share his or hers relationship. NOBODY!!!

In that personal, intimate, in-love-with-the-LORD relationship, you WILL experience a deeper understanding of Scriptures as you read. Your worship will take on a greater depth. Your walk will become adventures with Holy Spirit. What you see now in “churches”, especially here in USA, Mystery Babylon is like a cardboard cut out of a relationship . . . NOT REAL.


What prompted this post? Over the last 3 days (I’ll call the 3 days of light as an “antidote” to the 3DD “stuff”), Holy Spirit kept speaking the following phrase in my spirit (And that includes today, 4-10-19):


What’s personally significant about this timing? I’m in a new job that just started the SAME DAY I was getting the repeated message:


The LORD wanted me to take that job which involves working with more challenging individuals who have developmental disabilities (one has autism and ADHD) . . . Needless to say my days have been CHAOTIC, with me wondering why? This is what Holy Spirit spoke in my spirit:

“It’s training for the days of chaos.”

Well, alrighty then . . Yes LORD and AMEN!!! And ya know what?  It’s working.  I’m exhausted by the end of the day, but anytime that chaos comes up . . I focus on the LORD and He brings me peace. . . PRAISE GOD!!!  \o/  Let’s go Holy Spirit with this training . . PRAISE GOD!! And WOO-HOO, THANK YOU JESUS!!!  \o/


NOBODY is guaranteed to be a “chosen vessel”, just because a Word was received, or a dream or vision about that. NOBODY!!! Each of us MUST pick up our cross . . . DAILY and follow the LORD Yeshua. We MUST DAILY ask the LORD to search our hearts and show us any area we need to repent from . . . Anybody we need to forgive and to ask for help knowing His will, then doing His will. Read the Bible. Worship the KING of kings, the LORD of lords and KEEP SEEKING HIM!!! Ask HIM to help us stay on the straight and narrow path of truth, because the deluding influence keeps rising.

AND . . . Personally? I do NOT want to become one of the pig slop slingers of “prophecy” that leads people astray. NO!! LORD HELP ME NOT FALL UNDER A DELUDING INFLUENCE OR ANYTHING THAT WOULD HINDER THE TRUTH!!! LORD HELP ME PLEASE!!! In Yeshua’s name. AMEN and AMEN!!!


The “three days of darkness” is related to Planet X. It has been a diversion and divider in the professing Christian community that takes people away from seeking a deeper walk with Christ. WE JUST HAVE TO SAY NO!!!  And STOP SEEKING THE LATEST “WORD”, cause you will get one . . The deluding influence will be happy to oblige anybody. . . Instead . . . We must ALL seek the LORD for ourselves.

Just wait, there will be more pig slop “prophecies” that will get so subtly worse, you won’t detect it unless you have Holy Spirit discernment and seek the LORD for TRUTH yourself. Psst . . . I’m whispering here:  But guess what? I’m seeing it already.






17 thoughts on “4-10-19 ~ “PREPARE FOR TRANSFORMATION” – Linda Hasche”

  1. little while, little time, little moment. short time period (these days are shorten in Matt 24:16-20). The wrath of God is from the New Moon to ten days later known as the Days of Awe.

  2. Isaiah 26:20-21
    20 Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by.
    21 See, the Lord is coming out of his dwelling to punish the people of the earth for their sins. The earth will disclose the blood shed on it; the earth will conceal its slain no longer.

  3. In Exodus time frame, many of the homes had one door and one window or two doors and two windows. In our modern homes, we have 3-4 doors and 20 windows. Its the separation of light from the darkness. It is the separation of the righteous from the wicked. It is the separation of you from the worldly desires and wants. It is the separation just like in Temple times of the Holy of Holies from the outer court. See it as you being totally separate from the world. Remember Lot’s wife: You look back on the world you are leaving and You turn to salt/stone. And all it takes is one look and you fall back into temptation and then you burn in the lake of fire and brimstone for eternity. Because I am 10 mentally, I will want to look and see what is happening outside during that three days of darkness, so I am covering my windows inside and outside so I will not be tempted to look outside. Since I am one of the 144,000 Jewish evangelists and if HE sends me outside during those 3 days, then I go but according to Exodus 9th plague, Jonas and Leviathon, Yeshus death, and Pauls 3 days of darkness, then we will be hidden entirely for those 3 days. Did they get out of their darkness once during the 3 days? No. The same for us.

  4. We may not understand the “why” behind what we are being told to do until after the 3DOD passes. The best thing to do is to be obedient in all we’re told to do.

  5. I realize that God does give dreams and visions. Mark Virkler states that almost 1/3 of the major stories in the Bible contain dreams and visions from God. It’s certainly seems to be God’s universal language of communicating with us – by using pictures. And these pictures (and even hearing God’s voice) go through a human body which acts as a filter. Our experiences in life weigh in on what we communicate to others. So, as Paul says in the scriptures, we see things dimly.
    Which brings me to a dream I had about 2 months ago. In the dream I was standing on a small hill, and I saw what appeared, somewhat below me so I was looking down on it, to be “fingers of clouds” of darkness slowly floating and moving in my direction and covering the land. As I stared as the darkness I sensed that there was something different about it. It wasn’t just “dark”. It was more like a sinister substance, and still like a cloud, but it also seemed to have its own form of “life”, but yet it was “dead”. I followed up on the dream by doing some biblical research as I couldn’t understand what this was. Until I read Exodus 10:21-23. The darkness I saw was thick and could be felt. If this is the darkness that many say is coming upon this country, please be aware that you will not be able to see your hand in front of your face. To those who don’t understand, I would say it’s likely fear and torment will engulf them.
    It’s not like the darkness of being in, say a closet, with the door is shut and no light. Or even being blind. You will physically feel the substance of the darkness.
    I’m still pondering the covering of the windows, but it does have a logical reason for doing so. As I understand in now, it’s not so that others will see in – it’s that no light from the candles escapes so that the demonic beings will know you are inside. To me, this doesn’t seem to fit very well with Exodus 10. But then, maybe I’m missing something here. As for the candles, is it possible this has a spiritual meaning and not a physical one? The scripture says that “children of Israel had light in their dwellings” and that God himself illuminated the inside of their dwellings.
    Anyone have thoughts on this?

  6. Please don’t scoff at what others hear. What if the curtains aren’t so much for our sakes, but to keep the roaming agents of darkness from looking into our homes where there likely will be light. Just a thought.

    1. Demons go threw and can look at anything.
      God wil make sure they stay at a distance.
      These high tall New york sky scrappers have no curtains so what now.
      And if there is a earth quake first like some say they wil have no windows at al so God will protect you.

  7. according to some you need curtains to covet your windows. That is foolish because if I cannot see my hands infront of me why have curtains😨😨

  8. Those with autism are called the Shotim (fools) in Hebrew. They are what you call prophets. Their dreams are in vivid colors even if they are color blind. In our dream word, we can go into the 6th dimension in our dreams. We have had more than one encounter with YHVH. We have come into contact with fallen angels, demons, and even Satan. We have seen what it is like in the Messianic Kingdom. Many of us are introverts, loaners, and hermits. We can examine ourselves on the Asperger/atypical spectrum much deeper than most others can. Our dreams at night deal mostly with communication issues with others. I am more active in dream land than in reality. In reality, I may interact with only my family or caregiver but in my dreamworld, I interact with up to 100 people who know me. Personally, I am alone most days and see my caregiver, Ray Garcia, maybe once or 2 times per week to 2 times per month. My best caregiver is Golda (yellow cat). She checks up on me 3 times per day and sleeps with me at night. She is highly demanding of spending outdoors on good days. She is my queen bee of my life. My wife is long gone and both daughters are long gone. I may see them 1 time per year to one time every 4 years.
    So if it were not for Golda and Ray, I would not be active outside of the house.
    Thankyou Bonnie for God Blessing me.May the Lord bless you and keep you. May HE bring you peace in your body, soul, spirit, and mind for all of eternity. Yeshua told this to me in a dream in 2007 when I began to study Torah.

  9. I know I am one of the 144,000 Jewish Evangelists and I am also on the autism spectrum. In Jewish terms we are the Shotim (fools) but it also means that we may be unaccountable before God. We also have a deep closeness to YHVH for He is with us 24/7. BreakingIsraelNews.com has a lot to speak about the autism community and how they are close to YHVH and are able to connect the dots. Both my daughters are on the autism spectrum. It is also connected to vaccines and heavy metals in the blood system. I, at the age of 60 have stress attacks and anger attacks which are called meltdowns. According to Ray, my caregiver, my mental age is 10. Nathaniel, age 8, who is on the spectrum is mentally 3 or 4. Dumbo is the one movie to not to go and see. I have half empathy. I am atypical autism which has 1/2 of the symptoms of Asperger Syndrome ( possibly a Jewish Syndrome).
    Jardalkalatgmail.blogspot.com has a lot of my details. I will also be staying home for the 3 days of darkness unless YHVH tells me to go evangelize. Our ministry of the 144,000 evangelists ends 40 days after the rapture of 300 million people on the next New Moon or some New Moon in the future. One of the articles on 444prophecynews.com said May 4th on the Sabbath which is Psalms 81:3 and Amos 8:5.

    1. John, blessings to you. I have a nephew who has autism and he was visiting one day and I heard him in the bathroom just talking away to Jesus about some really deep topics. My brother and wife think that he is just rambling but I believe that he has a lot deeper understanding of the spirit world because of his autism.

  10. Very well written: This part especially.

    It will be a time of spiritual transformation whereby those whom the LORD has chosen (His “chosen vessels”), will receive an impartation from Holy Spirit that WILL transform him/her into an End Times army of harvesters of souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. You WON’T be cowering in a corner, behind closed doors, with blackened Windows and lighting non-scented candles if you are a “chosen vessel.” NO!! NO!! And again I say NO!!! You’re light WILL be shining with the love and presence of Holy Spirit in you, through you and on you.

    Christians have authority over demonic powers in the name of Jesus, using the name of Jesus to rebuke demonic powers.

    I saw wording such as this in another posting and the mentioning of the candles some what bothered me and the covering of the windows as to hide. Means the authority of the believer given by Jesus through The Holy Spirit is less that the alleged demonic entities that will be loosed during this period? Don’t think Jesus meant but it happens for believers to cower but to confront spiritual war fare.

  11. Hi Linda,

    That makes sense, along with Jeff’s latest word. It brings back to mind that prophecy of Efrain Rodriguez too. And it all has to do with Planet X. I’ve been seeking an answer to all of this myself and it can be confusing. It makes me wonder if the seals have started opening because I believe it will be somewhere in there around the 6th seal when these major things take place, and if we’re really that close. We need to all quit worrying when, where and how and just focus on pleasing the Lord. It’s been crazy around here, things happening to keep me distracted right and left lately and getting me so irritated. Well I know where that’s coming from. Satan is trying to wear us all out. And I believe these storms are judgments, and another one is about to hit the midwest that will be about as bad as the last one. Take care!

  12. Linda you said it yourself. Not everyone is given everything. The Apostle Paul wrote that we see as in a mirror dimly. This being said, I will stay in my home until after the 3 days have past. To run headlong into gross darkness when too many people have been told to remain indoors would not be wise. The instruction to remain put is not without precedent. Jesus told his disciples to remain in Jerusalem until they were given power from on high. THAT ended up being 10 days, which they wisely spent in prayer. Had they not listened, they would not have been equipped and the results would have been disastrous. There will be plenty of spiritual darkness left in the world after the 3 days. We can let the light of Christ shine through us then. During the 3 days, I’ll spend it with the Lord.

    1. Greetings, Kathleen,
      The most important thing for each one of us is to follow the leading of Holy Spirit. (Which we each should be doing now anyway). We will each be led and actually are being led specifically, for our individual “assignments” (but must choose to follow His leading).
      I learned not to decide on serious matters myself but to seek the Lord for His will, His way and His timing, while trusting He will help me do that, as He will for all who seek Him. (Actually, seeking Him frequently on any matter is what I do as a part of my personal walk with the Lord. It’s quite amazing to cook with Holy Spirit giving ideas on what to add to a recipe, or which store to shop in on a given day . . . It’s a friendship with the Lord that is awesome and helps me know Him and know His voice. . .praise God, brings me joy just typing this out 😊).
      Anyway, .It’s not a “majority rule” decision, it’s what is the Lord leading each person to do at a given time and that includes “the three days of darkness.”
      So. . . Seeking Him individually again . . Is the most important thing we each must do . . .daily. So, stay inside if led. Go outside if led and follow His leading and timing, which will be critical for each of us as things get darker and more demonic.

      1. Exactly! We’ve all got to do what the Lord tells each one of us to do. He isn’t a “cookie cutter” God.

        1. Yep we best seek the Lord diligently and find out our instructions and not give heed to some things spoken here as it can be confusing for one says to stay inside and cover all the windows and another says we are not to cower so many reading these blogs i can see where the confusion arises and i say stick to the word and trust God with your whole being and remember our God is not a God of confusion.

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