A very beautiful and inspiring story of a two year old little angel

Recently we visited a Sunday school for Bible distribution and were greeted by hundreds of excited kids! It’s wonderful to see the love these kids have for our Lord Jesus! After spending some time at the school we realized these kids did not have qualified teachers. Please understand these teachers were doing their best, they just didn’t have any training. This gave me an idea. What if we have one of our teachers’ volunteer one day a week to teach these wonderful kids. I believe one of our teachers can help the other adults become better teachers and, help the students learn effectively.

After worship service, we began to hand out Bibles to the children. I noticed this cute two-year-old girl. She approached and asked me if she could recite Psalm 23. “Of course” I replied, “yes you can daughter.” She recited Psalm 23 without a single mistake. I was amazed! She struggles to pronounce simple words at her age yet, she can recite Psalm 23 perfectly. I gave her a hug and kiss and then gave her a beautiful bible puzzle, which she deserved. I asked her “what do you want to be when you grow up?” She replied, “I want to serve the Lord like you.” This is amazing to hear that from a two-year-old.

This beautiful Child of GOD is why we started our ministry! We want our community to grow in love and faith so the Lord can reach more children. Please support our orphanage and outreach ministries so we can continue to teach children the good news about Jesus Christ!

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Walk In Love.❤️

Ephesians 5:2