“An Horrific Judgment is Upon the Earth Now and About to be Unleashed” – Bette Stevens

Published on Apr 15, 2019



3 thoughts on ““An Horrific Judgment is Upon the Earth Now and About to be Unleashed” – Bette Stevens”

  1. Yes, and I wonder if this is going to be the asteroid impact. I can’t think of much else that would be something that God himself would allow to happen that would catch everyone on earth’s attention and know it was from Him, other than maybe a supervolcanic eruption (Yellowstone?). Will this be the fiery kickoff event? Jeff was told that is a man made event. This is going to be something huge.

    1. Nancy, I have actually discovered that a huge calamity caused by the hand of the Lord will precede the man made kick off event. I wish that I could find the message that He gave that to me in but I believe it was in 2016

  2. I woke to the news this morning that Notre Dame was burning. I began to just weep at this. I am still weeping. Why? I heard the Lord say it has begun. I checked news here and found Bette Stevens. Her word comes to us as we watch Notre Dame burn. I can’t even put into words what I know in my spirit. Except to say that this fire signals in some way that the end judgements are under way, it has begun. We will witness the burning down of many famous structures that have stood for centuries and the face of cities, their skylines, will be forever changed. Of course Bette, I do believe, speaks of something far more devastating than the burning down of buildings. Something of worldwide magnitude. Nevertheless my spirit bears witness to this. God be with us and have mercy upon us.

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