” I Will Build MY CHURCH Upon The Ashes And Ruins of the world church!!! ” – Cornell D’Angelo


” I Will Build MY CHURCH
Upon The Ashes And Ruins
of the world church!!! ”

The World At Large does not recognize the spiritual aspect of what the burning the Cathedral of Notre Dame represents!

First of all it is a demonic structure both spiritually and physically. When you look at all the evil adornments of the Cathedral it is an abomination.

It also represents the Catholic Church which is a synagogue of satan built as a counterfeit of true Christianity, where the kingdom of darkness and false dominion rules over its people, followers in the flesh completely deceived. I heard a man of the Catholic faith say on the news that France was the daughter of the Catholic Church… and that is historically true even though today France is a very secular, Godless country.

Remember that the Catholic Church bowed to the Roman Empire and thus allowed in the spirit known as Legion! When Jesus questioned the demoniac what his name was he replied “I am Legion and we are many”… the depth of that evil is beyond comprehension and that Spirit established the Vatican Nation, The False Kingdom that masquerades as being Christian and serving Christ.

Having been involved in Deliverance work with those that bowed to the Catholic counterfaith we also had to deal with the spirit of Ishmael and Jezebel working together in unison. Those that were committed to that faith were spiritually imprisoned and only Christ himself had the key to truly set them free! This is evident in that the people who are Catholics are involved in rituals that are not biblical in any way shape or form.

The burning of this symbolic Cathedral comes By The Hand of God and the blind are committed to rebuilding it bigger and better.

In the same way the Twin Towers were brought down by God as a shot over the bow to the nation of America, as a direct warning from God to repent and change our ways. The rebuilding of the Tower was simply a reflection of a rebellious people filled with pride and arrogance against God! For the many including our government it was a reason to go to war…to rebuild a new tower even taller! This is like rebuilding the Tower of Babel even higher after God destroyed it and took it down!

I Repeat that the Lord told me
many years ago…

” I Will Build MY CHURCH
Upon The Ashes And Ruins
of the world church!!! ”

Please really take time to digest and take heed of what the Lord Has Spoken that is coming to pass right now!

It has already happened in the spiritual realm where the Lord has removed His Lampstand from the churches as He spoke He would, that he warned of in His Letters To The Assemblies in The Book Of Revelation. The churches of the world have not looked in the mirror of those letters and now are suffering the consequences which are much deeper than they could ever imagine… and they will go down fighting for their traditions and their ways that have nothing to do with God or HIS WAYS. They are no different than and ARE the modern-day Pharisees.

The Lord also spoke to me
many years ago…

” The Pharisees are alive and well,
They just have new window dressings!”

The church age has been over for some time now but mankind living a fruitless Godless existence being of the Flesh and not spiritual has not recognized that everything has changed. This event is but a warning of the much greater unimaginable judgement coming to Mankind and the world!

It is very clear that man without God has no understanding of anything and is not prepared in any way for what is coming! It is also easy to see why are rebellious people will embrace the Antichrist in the time of Jacob’s trouble! The Sheep are in peril and will seek out the false shepherd that is soon to appear!

A Slaughter of Epic Proportions
is coming as It Is Written.

The whole of the earth is under and

This is the beginning of the end of all that man has done in Rebellion before a loving, merciful and long-suffering God that truly has seeked and desired that no one should perish!

… but man in his Defiance and with No Fear of God has certainly walked out all the prophetic written in The Word of God about these things! Man has certainly invited the harshest of judgment which we now are saying in the Earth but only the beginning thereof!

There are those that have been awakened By The Lord and are born for such a time as this…Those that have been granted The Light Of The Lampstand Of The Lord! They are the 144000. They are the pure sons of God that have been speaking Oracles of God in the wilderness of the world we see today! They are the living flames and the living stones of the Temple of The Lord! They are currently in transition to become The Untouchables of God who walk with the fullest measure of power and authority in the Earth!

God is gathering and assembling His remnant out of the earth through these people… they that are the first fruits of the remnant that are tasked with bringing through the remainder of the remnant into The Millenial Kingdom that they already serve as forerunners and citizens of.

Be prepared
to Meet Your God!

This is the LAST CALL and
The LAST INVITATION to repent…

For The Set Apart,
The Spiritual Nation Of Israel
To Bow, Yield, Obey And To Serve
The Holy God of Abraham,
Isaac and of Jacob…


We are invited to enter
The Spiritual Resurrected
Tabernacle Of David!

This is the spiritual place of fulfillment where God spoke that He will dwell with His people!

Lest you enter in you shall remain alone!

Take Heed to these words, to this message for the time is short and the days are even shorter!

Choose Wisely for these
are Eternal Matters!

It is as in the days of Noah and in this hour and time The Lord Jesus Christ is THE LIVING ARK of our salvation. The ship is docking, DO NOT MISS This Moment In Time that lies before you.

The time of The Marriage Supper of The Lamb draws nigh, DO NOT ARRIVE LATE when the doors have closed!

I Repeat…


America is Mystery Babylon that God will take down more heavily than any other Nation in the earth due to its Pride! It is time to look in the mirror of The Word and Our Lord That Is Jesus Christ…


It is THE LAST OPPORTUNITY to repent, to change your ways that you may Inherit The Gift Of Eternal Life Through The Salvation Of YAH, Father God Offered Us Through His Son Jesus Christ, YAH’shua!

Amen, Amen And Amen.

Cornell d’Angelo
April 17, 2019


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  1. Matthew 13.40

    As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire;
    so shall it be in the end of this world.

    This event confirms two things;

    That the tares will be burnt and that it is the end of this world, (epoch) age.

    If any believe they can rebuild, as or greater than the present, they are already lost.

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