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April 15, 2019

I move at his command now:

I AM that I AM and I move now to warn you again of the soon coming storm of Earthquakes coming upon many people. I speak first now of Japan, for I see that in the ground [plates of the Earth below Japan] alignment that is ready for another even greater Earthquake.

I move to warn you that you who have ears to hear must hear, prepare your hearts and lives for this day is coming that will be a most terrible time. If you are trusting in Me, I will move my mighty hand to help you, but I CANNOT STOP THE PLATES FROM MOVING because there is so much false worship of Idols in Japan, and men turning to stones to worship, I cannot hold my judgment upon such evil worship. In Japan so many today are worshipers of Themselves, and see themselves in the Light that are led to do all both false and evil, saying it is all good.

SHAKING WILL COME. I SEE IT, COMING.. 1,2,3 IT WILL BE shaking will start…

The Shaking will be like a trigger on a gun, that when it happens it pulls the shaking in the coast of North America. California is in direct hit of the coming shaking. For those who are watching, know that the plates are lining up for the shaking. All know that it is coming, and coming soon. Prepare your hearts for it, for I will NOT STOP IT. The sin is too great and the door has been opened to wide for the enemy to destroy you. You have chosen him over me, and walk deliberately away.

I speak not just to Japan and California, for the shaking coming which I wrote in my Word will happen, and SHAKE MANY PLACES across America, and the World. But watch Japan, knowing that it triggers even more….. Know it is coming, prepare your hearts because the Shaking will come, even now it is in the ground, working.

Thus saith the Lord, open your hearts now to me and repent and receive my only way to escape. Run to the finished work and see your Savior, for HE HAS DONE ALL TO SAVE YOU. Do not put it off, do not be so deceived to think you will yet have time, because TIME IS SHORT.

I have many people who I love and will help them in their many trials and troubles. I WILL NOT FAIL YOU WHO TRUST ME.

I have written this Word as I have heard it in Spirit Speaking. Lord open your peoples eyes to see and hearts to know and be ready for such a time coming. Help O Lord, remember mercy.

Desert Prophet



2 thoughts on “I WILL NOT STOP IT…. EARTHQUAKE WARNING! – Ken Dewey”

  1. For years I’ve read after men who spoke of the great earth changes coming to the west coast and then the effects moving east across the U.S.

    Just now reading this reminded me about Japan. Some of the writers were confessing Christians and wrote about these great earth changes and that parts of Japan will sink with a major loss of life.

    Although they may not be prophets as we understand prophets, The Lord using them to reach people who do not, will not come to Church to warn them of upcoming revelation/tribulation world wide events and when they begin to occur what they have heard it will provoke thought and the need for more information.

    Since 2012 or so, https://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/
    before the operator closed the site and retired, the site is still up and especially the Monthly Archives categorization by year.

    2011: Is the record number of natural disasters happening a sign the world is ending?
    May 30, 2011 – EARTH, Ground Zero – So far in 2011, we have seen a record number of tornadoes, unprecedented flooding, rampant earthquakes, disturbing volcanic eruptions and a tsunami in Japan that none of us will ever forget. So why … Continue reading →

    Interesting information —informative especially the blogger comments.

    This post today is not surprise because God has been warning us through sometimes secular people who are skilled researchers, geologists and such. We ignore them because they do not say the are a christian and are just writing to scare people regarding climate change issues.

    If a mighty earth quake was to occur under Japan tomorrow and its effects reaches our west coast, it does not mean the rapture will happen that day. Food prices are rising as is everything else and storing food and personal items is not a lack of faith. Just being stupid. Sorry but it is what it is.

    Our world is on the brink of change in a way we have not seen!

    And were you not taken by surprised by the event in Paris yesterday?

    Past time to get serious.

    1. Revelation 6:12-17; Revelation 8:5 is an axial poleshift and occurs on Passover in 2015-2020. Rapture occurs on the Full Moon, or New Moon following Passover on the Full Moon. Passover 2000 years ago did have an earthquake with it. Feast of First Fruits had a mini earthquake when the graves were opened. Revelation has 3 to 4 earthquakes in it. One is at the beginning of the Day of the Lord Wrath and the other is at the end of the Day of the Lord Wrath 5.5 months later. Exodus Plagues began on the New Moon in November and ended at the Full Moon on Passover 5.5 months later. Day of the Lord wrath begins on the New Moon following Passover and ends 5.5 months later on the Full Moon with the millennium.

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