One thought on “It’s falling!’: Spire collapses as fire ravages Notre Dame cathedral”

  1. I am not a prophet. And this is not a word. But this event is significant. The heart throb of millions and geographically centered in Paris.

    Paris Collapse: The City of Love is Built Above Hundreds of Kilometers of Mining Tunnels Only Waiting to Swallow the City of Lights

    France has been a hotbed of antisemitism over the years and most recently Jews had reported they feared for their lives and many were considering migrating to Israel.

    France the most dangerous country for Jews — report


    France is committed to the two-state solution.

    In March 10th 2010, the government of Japan issued a stern warning to The Israeli Government voicing their disapproval of building apartments in East Jerusalem for Jewish Families and could have been taken as a threat.
    On March 10th 2011, a 9.5 earthquake and tsunami struck Japan and moved the Island a reportedly 65 feet north ward, if I remember correctly. Yes the same earthquake that gave us Fukushima.

    Guess I will start monitoring earth quake reports near Paris.

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