3 thoughts on “NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL/FRANCE: prophecies fulfilled – Elizabeth Marie”

  1. From Steve Quayle:

    POLICE: 875 FRENCH CATHOLIC CHURCHES DESECRATED IN 2018 ALONE Despite this trend, MSM refuses to entertain possibility of Notre Dame blaze being intentional.

    Rumblings of unrest that that are beginning to surface.

  2. I agreed with you. It is possible we are about to see a war erupt between Islam and The Catholic Church that will eventually affect Protestant churches.

    I have heard of prophecies within the Catholic Church reporting that The Pope will have to flee The Vatican stepping over the dead bodies of Priests.

    Where will he flee to? To Jerusalem. This recent love deal between The Muslims and The Pope is a deception.

    I do not mean to offend anyone who comes to this site. But, it is here.

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