Published on Apr 14, 2019


4 thoughts on “PASTOR HAS VISION OF THE END TIMES (2019)”

  1. I have had a portion of this dream on 12-28-2018!!! The night time skies, the stars moving then swirling, then stars falling…shooting to earth. I had an extreme feeling of peace, and then I started feeling a vibration in my body and started moving up…being raptured. I yelled “This is it!!!!” And I woke out of the dream. It was the most real thing I have ever felt!!!

  2. That’s amazing James!!! The thing that struck me about Pastor Carl is he is so credible – there is nothing weird or strange about him.

  3. Talk about His Perfect Timing. I just finished picking up my jaw off the floor. From time to time, but more so in the past month, I have been reminded of my child hood rapture dream. I too stood looking up at the night time sky. I too was pulled up off the ground (I was 4 yrs old at the time), and peacefully flew like superman, up an away to the eastern skyline, where i saw the glimmer of the unset of the rising sun. There was intense peace, because I just left the darkness behind me. The details and other nuances are for me to disclose at another time. It’s too long for a comment. This testimony confirms for me that the 3 consecutive rapture dreams I had at the age of four were meant to explode in its meaning in the future when another’s testimony unlocks the mystery with the keys found in their story. Praise God, thank you for Your Omnipotent Love. Thank you Lord Jesus…for promises kept.thank you precious Holy Spirit, for unfolding revelation in my spirit. God Bless Us All.

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