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  1. I am always delighted with sincere questions that reflect a desire to know and leave their ego and pride at the door. JESUS hates the pride and ego and his true followers also hate it. To understand the “Feasts of THE LORD”. You must first understand HIS calender and HIS way of telling time. It is well outlined in HIS WORD as are all things that HE wants us to know. I fall short in area’s that others excel in and etc… We are not all hand, feet and ears but all are part of the body with the same end in sight, JESUS’S FEET. We must first understand that GOD numbered all the days of the week and all the months of the year just as we number the years today. No names were given except man changed GODS way of doing it. For the most part, all the days of the week are named after fallen angels and/or their offspring. The months are named after people of past renown who thought of themselves as more important than they ever were. January/Janus the 2 headed god of looking forward and looking back. July/Julius Caesar. August/Augustus Caesar, etc… The only months that retain GODS commandment are, September/Sept/seven, October/Oct/eight, November/Novus/nine and December/Deca/ten. I assume GOD/JESUS had a strict leash on these months and did not allow them to be changed so HIS followers had a sure pattern to follow. The first day of every month was always the first sighting of the new moon. The FULLNESS OT TIME is always the full moon. The month was either 29 or 30 days long, 29.5 actual days long is the cycle. The advancing/waxing moon stage is either 14/15 days long and the weaning/declining moon stage is either 14/15 days long. This is hard to follow if you try to do it and keep our current calendar in focus. You MUST USE GOD’S calendar if you want GOD’S wisdom, knowledge, discernment and understandings. I refrained from making the last comment to long to keep from making the topic to complex and to be honest, theres not enough time left to correct centuries of lies and deliberate deceit. If you can understand any of this at all, apply it to the previous comment and it will help make some sense. JESUS gave his life for us on THE FULL MOON OF PASSOVER. After being shunned as the sin of the world for 3 hours on the cross, noon till three. JESUS was born on the THE FULL MOON OF THE SEVENTH MONTH, THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES. Always in THE FULLNESS OF TIME, THE FULL MOONS!!! GOD became flesh and TABERNACLED AMONG US!!! “I DID NOT COME TO DO AWAY WITH THE TORAH/LAW/INSTRUCTIONS, I CAME TO FULFILL IT!!! I need to stop here because the rabbit hole goes really deep and I do NOT desire to confuse anyone as JESUS is concerned. All wisdom and understanding comes from the HOLY SPIRIT/JESUS, if JESUS wants you to understand further for HIS purpose, HE can do it in a twinkling of an eye. Thank You for all of you that approach THE THRONE with a true and humble heart to seek the ONLY TRUTH. Thank You for YOU, PRECIOUS LORD JESUS!!! One day I will offend you no longer. John Hancock

  2. I was NOT going to reply to any further listings on any sites for the simple reason that everybody has their own opinion and it only adds to confusion in the body of CHRIST and this is NOT what JESUS wants. When Mena Lee speaks of the upcoming feast of Passover, she has made the same mistake that I did a couple of weeks ago. Every year as I would study, I would refer to the modern Feasts of the LORD for the sake of expedience. I ALWAYS ASSUMED that the Jewish population of the world was trying to maintain the LORDS Feasts. For some unexplained reason, this year of Passover has been pushed one week farther than its prescribed timing as commanded by THE FATHER to Moses in Exodus and other sections of the Torah/Instructions. All I can assume is the Orthodox Zionists are deep in bed with the Vatican and the one world order hierarchy, as Steven Bennun has stated many times. So is the video of Pope Francis kissing the hands of the Rothchild and Rockefeller family members in the Israel holocaust museum, on You tube. When Kerry Ann was given her most recent vision about the week of the 15th, this is the correct week of the Passover and NOT what is published on modern calendars and websites. The 16th is the first day of the Passover week and the 19th is the full moon. IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME!!! This week coming up is not just an other ordinary week. The 16/17/18 and 19th are the 4 days of inspection of the LAMB!!! On the forth day the lamb is sacrificed, IN THE MIDST OF THE WEEK!!! For 3 days the LAMB was in the heart of the earth after the FATHER refused to look upon the sin that HIS SON had taken upon him as the LAMB. The 3 days of darkness will begin just as it did for JESUS, AT NOON, Amos 8:9. This will last until the 22nd. Obviously I am not going to say this is anything other than my evaluation of the past facts and THE LORDS COMMANDMENTS IN THE SCRIPTURES. For those of you with a new testament only bible following, read Acts 2:20 and the preceding verses. There is a lot more understanding that needs to be associated with this article of my response, I choose to keep it simple and short. As things decreed by GOD come to pass as HE has commanded and our understandings fall down to never be thought of again. Ponder Jeremiah 16:19-21 and above all, MY WAYS ARE NOT YOURS!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOU PRECIOUS LORD JESUS!!! One day soon, I/we shall offend you no longer. John Hancock, Thank You Jeff.

    1. Hi John,

      I appreciated your comment. So right now I do not feel as though I’m supposed to be learning what seems to be a hot topic currently here: the 3 days of darkness.

      Are you saying that you believe we will experience this this year or that it could be any Passover year?

      I apologize if even my question is way off, but like I said I don’t think I’m supposed to be learning and taking all these words and messages in right now so I have only read headlines and comments.

      Thanks either way!


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