THE TIME HAS COME – Cornell D’Angelo

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…Wave The Banners of My Glory!

The Time has come.
The Time has arrived.

It is Time to march.

It is Time to Wave The Banners
Of My Glory in this world.

The work of My Outreaching
Hand is to begin.

I enter your world By My Spirit.
I Come On My White Horse.

Be ye reverent.

Be ye renewed in your minds.
Be ye transformed By My Spirit
My children.

I call out to those that are Mine.
I call out to those given
Me by The Father.

As surely as I come,
they come.

Make them welcome!

Open your hearts to receive
Me and My children Sayeth The Father.

They come tattered and torn
from their long journeys.

They come for their

Be ye prepared to do My Will
and My Will Only.

Call forth My children, your brothers
and sisters in My Son.

I Will Set The Captives Free!

Draw nigh to Me.
Be ye captive unto My Will.

The stage has been set.

The table has been set
with many chairs.

My Manna is prepared to feed
the many, the many that
hunger by My Call.

Prepare for the heavenly feast
that all that are Mine shall
partake of.

I AM The Bread Of Life.

I say open the gates
and they shall open.

I hold the keys to unlock
the doors of their prisons.

They will no longer be captive
unto the world.

They will be captive
only unto

I Have Said…
You cannot serve two masters!

I Am

They will be captive
unto Me Alone.

Be still My children and
know that I AM God.

December 2003


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