Visions of America – Kristina Heuken-Goossen

Hello, many greetings from Germany. I am here to tell you all my visions the LORD gave me about America. I got messages too, but I must look them up. Interesting also, I got more visions about America and Israel than about Germany.

In 2015 I saw the most visions about America, about Obama, about Trump.
First I saw Obama. He stand there, smiling very cute and said: Yes, I am so smart and so galant. But, I sure can do it differently too! Then in one moment his face turned into a lion’s mouth, in a bear face and into a black panther. He had a very big golden crown on his head and a long red robe with mink fur on it. He had a scepter in the right and an imperial orb in the left hand. suddenly I saw a continent and with one blow with the cepter a huge Guillotine appeared. Obama laughed very scary.

I saw many visions about the North-American continent. One time I saw a huge map and on it North- America. from one moment to the next I saw a split from the Gulf through the Mississippi and up to Canada. America was split in two.

Then I saw a very huge and big city. Many tall buildings. It was night and suddenly all these tall cities and the whole city… All this disappeared into the ocean. Like slow motion …sloping. This was on the west coast of America.

One time I saw the map of the USA. A huge flag of America on huge flagstaff. First all was calm and then, the flag began to burn, then the staff and from the staff the whole state was burning in one huge sea of flames.

Then I saw a big city at night. All the lights…and I was far away from it. First I thought I was on a field, but then I saw the sea. And I saw a huge wave towards the city.

One time I stand on a wonderful beach. A nice sunny day. Children and parents and many young people having much fun playing around. From one minute to the other I stood opposite a huge monster wave.
I looked up at her….monster huge.

Then I was under the sea. I saw a submarine. It didn’t move. Only stand still. Then I heard a kind of hiss and a big bomb shot out of this submarine and raced towards a coast.  I saw that this coast is on the eastside of America.

Not long ago I saw Europe. It was night.  I was on the sea. Then a huge, huge and long snake going up and down towards the waves … going from Europe to the eastside of America. There the snake went ashore.

I saw Trump just before he was elected president.
They throw him out of a helicopter, but his wife came with a Limousine and she brought him to an interview between him and Hillary.  This was on a mountaintop. All was flagged in white, red and blue.
Trump won the interview and behind him a crowd of people demonstrated violently and loud.

Than I saw him during an election event .. something happened, a shot or something .. he was put behind the scenes … I don’t know what happened next.

I hope my English is good enough that you can understand what I have sent you there.
I pray daily for America, and for all my brothers and sisters!
May the LORD bless and shelter each and everyone and the families.
May the LORD shine HIS face upon you.
And may HE give all of you HIS peace!


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  1. I am also from Germany.

    What you shared about the west coast it could fit in with my vision. There is also another confirmations that this event happens when it’s dark

    A few weeks ago, I had a short vision about an earthquake in California. I saw two trees full of colorful flowers (pink and blue) standing in front of me on a green meadow next to each other. There were birds in the trees. It smelled of spring air and then a murderous heavy smell appeared at the same time and the birds disappeared. I knew at the point what would happen right now – an earthquake. What happened in the dream felt very close and I had the feeling that I could not prevent it. It was a nice spring day in Germany. The trees full of green leaves blew slightly in the wind. In the early afternoon, the earthquake happened and I shared it with someone in the family via mobile phone. This person was at work but almost finished (the person works about until 3pm). In california it will have been early in the morning and not yet bright. I also saw in the dream a situation in my family that arrived a few weeks later. I realized shortly afterwards that I had seen this in the dream with the California earthquake in spring. This situation will continue for months but how long exactly I don’t know.

    I heard from another person last year that she saw this earthquake and california breaks in the ocean. It was also dark in the city of Los Angeles. It was early morning, at night or late in the evening. People in California are mostly awakened by early morning earthquakes, which could be a sign.

  2. Thank you for posting it. It is nice to hear confirmations from other countries!

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