A Message To The Daughters Of Eve – Only A Grain Of Sand

May 14, 2019

Do the Daughters of Eve wear pants in Heaven?

Not in My Sight!

Do the Sons of Adam wear skirts in Heaven?

Not in My Sight!

You Daughters of Eve have accepted the lie of sexual liberation, confused or altered biological gender, and appropriated the decency of man (the covering of the lower part of their bodies), I AM created. Your acquiescence and capitulation to the agenda of satan; to confuse the genders of the only two sexes, on the road to obliteration of male and female, has hastened your dying world on its path to the Great Tribulation.


I AM will reveal all this in the 3 Days Of Darkness, if you refuse to accept this conviction now, and you will blush to your finger tips, you Daughters of Eve. Not content to wear pants, you have made them a second flesh, revealing all your God given forms (bodies), in a seductive enticement, causing the Sons of Adam to lust, after your flesh, and sin.


And now that unnatural desires are legal, and totally acceptable in your decadent societies, women also lust after you now. They will seduce you to Sodom & Gomorrah, in a pagan Saturnalia, as just another lifestyle option or choice.


Take off your tight pants, and discard your lechery, you Daughters of Eve, or you will feel the shock, of your individual and collective degeneracy, very soon, at My Hand. Do you think I AM will allow any of the female sex to enter My Era of Peace, dressed as a man? Never! I AM made you from the rib of Adam, you are his help-mate, his equal in My Eyes; but you are not Adam, but Eve. Your insistence on dressing, walking, and empowering yourselves as men, has dissolved by increments the graces of femininity I AM designed, uniquely, for the Daughters of Eve, alone.


Your ‘man-drag’ has served the agents of satan, on a path they designed, to destroy both male and female. But it will not stand, this poison from the snake. Wearing underwear as outerwear, diaphanous fabrics in broad daylight, appearing in public with little or nothing on, will be answered at your particular Judgments, or at the 3 Days Of Darkness, whichever comes first, for you Daughters of Eve.


I AM does not create mistakes. Alll children born female, must stand before Me, as a female, when they pass this life, or at the 3 Days Of Darkness. If you have altered your God given vessel (body) to the opposite sex, Hell awaits, unless you Repent Now. And for all you Daughters Of Eve, that will now raise your voices in anger and protest, at these My Words: Beware!


You have stokes a fire that will rage for all eternity, for those reprobates that insist on rebellion, cross-dressing, child drag, perversion, pornography, transgender, transsexual, homosexuality, man drag, drag kings and queens, and the 72 sexualities of your United Nations.


Do you think you are not complicit? Think Again! You support and re-enforce an Abomination in My Eyes, by wearing the clothes of a man. You influence all whose eyes, gaze upon your form. I AM convicts you as your eyes have read these words: You Are Now Convicted! You Are Now Innocent Or Guilty Of This Crime Against Your God. Think It not Small, Nor To Be Ignored, For All Will Be Answered To Soon. Including Your Reaction To My Charge Against You, Rebels!


I will not tolerate the degeneracy of your societies any more. Men have got to go back to being men, and women have got to go back to being women, or, I AM will punish you severely. As women in the home, and community go, so the family goes, so your society goes! Your responsibility is to all, you Daughters of Eve!


I AM God The Father Almighty, not you Human beings.


7 thoughts on “A Message To The Daughters Of Eve – Only A Grain Of Sand”

  1. Very welcome, Beth.
    Modesty is the key for women. I love the long tunic over loose pant that are inspired from India . . Beautiful, but even those aren’t practical on a farm. I also have a horse; wearing jeans and cowboy boots are wise to wear and I wouldn’t want to ride side-saddle (I wonder how they did that . . .i would fall off. Lol). Anyway . . .
    I know the enemy will try to twist the truth in all areas. This is why we need Holy Spirit to help us stay in the truth that sets us free. Satan and his minions bring confusion and condemnation. Holy Spirit brings conviction for repentance and leads us into truth.
    Be blessed and thank you for helping people in their healing process.


  2. even at my own church, the teenage girls are wearing these skin tight pants…it terrible…we are just like the world inside the church…

  3. Greetings,
    I need to bring some additional TRUTH here:
    I live on a pig farm that also has cattle. Just today the cattle started getting out and the piglets started getting out.
    I had to quickly put on some scruffy pants and men’s muck boots, then went outside to help if needed, while walking through cattle and pig poop.
    Now, while wearing dresses are nice, It would not be a practical thing to have a dress on in that situation.
    Additionally, I’m here in NW Iowa where the winds can get incredibly strong. . If I wore a dress and that wind picked up suddenly (which it does), then I would be exposed.
    So, let’s all use wisdom here and not make a “clothesline” doctrine . . .

    Here’s what “clothesline doctrine” did for a young lady that needed Deliverance from Satanic Ritual Abuse: Her “father” was a pastor of a Pentecostal church by day and a satanist by night. I asked her how that could happen. Her answer: “He preached ‘clothesline’ sermons”.

    So again, let’s use wisdom here.


    1. Linda I believe get the whole key to this message is modesty. I don’t believe that the Lord is saying that wearing pants is a sin but wearing skin-tight pants causes men to stumble. Wearing low-cut tops causes men to stumble as well. I have to look away from women constantly throughout the day because of the way that they dress and then I have to ask the Lord for forgiveness if I do let my mind wander. I pray that everyone would take this message before the Lord for themselves and see what the Lord tells them personally about it. God bless all of you!

        1. Linda & Jeff,

          Amen, Amen, Amen

          Thank you for clarification.

          I know the struggles that men have to find a safe place for their eyes to land in this decaying culture.

          When The Lord revealed the deep importance of true modesty to help protect the souls of others, and of the importance of femininity in this confused culture to give our little ones no open doors for confusion, I actually broke and cried over how much of a stumbling block I had been to others in these two areas.

          I have since overhauled my entire wardrobe and even watch the way I speak with other men, even young men, I speak to them all as kings & priests now reverentially so to encourage and allow them to rise to their calling as God’s “strength in the Earth.”

          However, I work as a rehabilitative trainer for those with injuries, elderly, and for post-partum women.

          When dealing with training/coaching the women I have to actually lift or remove the skirt that I wear over the two layers of workout pants to show them specific movements to help them heal their hip/pelvic/lower back issues and pain.

          After reading this today I was so distraught that I was considering completely stopping this ministry/business of mine because I was worried that God was displeased with me but I have no other way to show certain movements in these closed sessions without removing the short skirt I usually wear with male clients.

          THANK YOU for setting me free with these comments.

          My heart’s desire is to make Jesus & Abba Father smile and stand before them with clean hands and a pure heart.

          I just couldn’t understand why God would want me to stop such a fruitful ministry and business that feeds my son and I over this.

          Much Love,


          1. Beth
            You are absolutely right in your repentance. Very few will even listen to loving correction in the church any more. You have done the right thing. May I suggest that you try to work with women unless it concerns a body part from the waist up or the knee down? Another idea would be to find some printouts on the web illustrating the exercise that you need to lead a male through. As you continue to pray for guidance, perhaps you might even find a male therapist who would be willing to trade off an occasional female patient for one of your men! God will bless your modesty and perhaps give you some additional creative ideas! I ALWAYS request female doctors and therapists. It works out fine in the end. God bless you! I admire you! It is God’s approval, not people’s, that we want!

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