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Been hearing a military march in my head for days. Although the 25th was  Anzac day here, I feel sure I had heard no military music playing anywhere before I began hearing it in my head.  But  as soon as I heard it, I recognised it to be an American military march.  I had my usual time with the Lord early on the 25th and He had me read the following chapters:

Isaiah 63, 1 Corinthians 10  Psalm 43  please take the time to read them.  They are part of this word, which I wrote down and then went about the day. It was a busy day and I was not given much time to reflect upon it.

25th April 2019
Be not alarmed at the works of the wicked. Their hands are busy, going to war. They make treaties and break them. They trample My people under foot. The innocent lie dead in the streets. But their day will come, the day of judgement for the wicked. They will not escape My wrath. The innocent however, will be with Me always. They shall not feel the sting of death but be taken immediately into My Presence. Be not distressed when you hear of the babies slaughtered.
Two days later, in my time with the Lord, I received this word.  I was still hearing the march in my head and I asked the Lord to tell me what it meant.
Saturday 27th April
Get ready America, for war!  Get ready to hear military marches, to see military parades, for shows of strength and power from your nation. Prepare to see posturing of such a magnitude you will almost laugh if it were not so very terrifying. For America goes to war. But I Am not with her.  I am not with this nation. I have shut the book on this place. For Babylon is fallen. She has become the place of crying wolves, desolation, desolation is upon her.  Weep and wail and mourn, you who know what is coming.
Two days after that, having had a break from the military march music, the TV was on and I noticed a movie was about to start. Instead of switching it off, I felt prompted to watch it as the title was familiar. Hacksaw Ridge. Didn’t know what it was about. I now know that it is based on actual events.   A young Seventh Day Adventist believer joins up in WWII as a medic. He will not touch  firearms, consequently he is persecuted and beaten by fellow soldiers. Why join up if you aren’t going to shoot at the enemy!? He endures, eventually single handedly dragging many wounded on the battlefield to safety.  He kept crying out to the Lord to show him where the wounded lay that he might save just one more.  He was protected, even supernaturally hidden, only suffering a wound at the end.  His courage and bravery was incredible.
The Lord is speaking and warning to those who will listen. Not only is war  coming soon to America, but you are being given an example to follow when the war comes.  Those who  want to protect their nation, loved ones and rescue the perishing in the time ahead, need to heed the actions of this young soldier.  God was with him. He will not be with those who take up weapons.  This man was armed with spiritual weapons. They were sufficient for him.  We observed in the movie that those who took up the sword, died by it. The slaughter on both sides was terrible.
So 3 times over just a few days,  the Lord has spoken to me about war coming  to America. Before and during those few days He prepared me to hear using the music of war.   He has my attention. I pray He has yours.  Draw near to Him, do not delay.  That you might be able to hear His voice above the noise of battle.
God bless
Alison Pound



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  1. This would be an excellent time to remind our young adults that Spirit-led believing Christians do not under any circumstances use firearms against people, even if it is in self-defense. The Old Testament rule was, ‘an eye for an eye’, so to speak. Today, Jesus is our example, the holy Word & His Spirit say: II Cor. 10:4- “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds..” Zech 4:6- “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.” Luke 6:27- “But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you…” And many hours could be spent studying many more similar verses. Yet there still remains ministries who teach otherwise, some saying that you are a coward if you do not defend your country in the WWIII ahead. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read Words of the Lord over many years correcting us of any such thoughts, saying- “To those who pick up arms against the enemy in the days ahead, God will raise His arm against you!” rick

    1. These things are good to settle in our hearts now if we can. For me I have one rule, obey what God says. I hear His Holy Spirit speak to me so if He says “don’t” and I choose to do…I guess I’ll have to do deal with the consequences, but I’ll still ask Him to heal the ear I just cut off like Peter

    2. Be led by Holy Spirit in ALL things.
      Something most don’t consider or pray about . .. Just apply a blanket “do this” or “don’t do that” . . .
      Some will be led to prepare to defend against hybrids and giants that WILL be coming up on the earth.
      Ask that LORD about that . . Seek HIM in prayer and following the leading of the Holy Spirit.
      Others .. . . No weapons prepared by human hands are to be used.
      SO PLEASE EVERYBODY . . . Ask the LORD what you must do individually and do not judge, for that person who has been preparing with weapons, may just be one trained militarily, seen the Giants and/or aliens and knows this is coming to our visual reality.

  2. Just want to say hi to Alison, who I first met up with on another site, but I was given the left foot of fellowship for speaking out concern over their views of cybercurrency. God bless you sis!

    1. That’s sad to hear! Anyone that wants to talk against cryptocurrency on this website is welcome. Once the electric goes out what good is cryptocurrency?

      1. Was feeling like I misspoke after the site owner’s harsh reply to me, and the subsequent boot. But, within one day, there were 3 prophetic voices that are trustworthy that said the same. So, the Lord made it clear that it was to be avoided.
        The scenario that came to me was people hearing a “prophetic” word to invest heavily in a particular cybercurrency, that it would increase significantly in a day. But, then, whoever was controlling it made off with all of it. No one has control over it, or the financial system at large.

  3. I saw a video one time of 3 young Cheetah males and they were all fighting against each other to show off to a female. There was a huge male Lion who was watching near by and the Cheetah cubs even had saw it but they were so busy trying to win the female over, that they didn’t even think about the danger that they could be in.

    As I read the above I began thinking about what is going on in every level of our Country right now. Our government, our youth, and even our churches have this same attitude.

    It looks to me like we have become easy prey!!!! I am feeling in my heart the sorrow that this is so true and soon to come.

    I have battled within myself as to whether I should take a stand and fight for what is right or refuse to fight????? It seems that both can be backed by scripture as to what is right. I do believe that every instance is different like when Peter got the vision to eat the unclean animals. I believe that we need to really listen to what the Spirit would be telling us in each situation. There might be a time to stand up and battle and there might be a time for that same person to surrender. I really am not sure but I think that we will know when the time comes if we have an open mind and really listen.

    1. I saw the same documentary on Direct TV. They were so caught up in their owns affairs, they missed the sleathy approach of the Lion, whom may have mistaken them for Leopards. Appears, lions have a grudge against Leopards.

    2. You are right, Bonnie, in discerning that we truly need to listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling us in each situation. When we continually abide in Christ, we will eventually get to a point where we will be able to confess John 5:19, for that is why the Holy Spirit was given to us (Luke 6:40): to fully train us to be like our Teacher, the Lamb of God and the Lion of Judah. Have you ever wondered how two seemingly contrarian but equally godly natures (lamb and lion) can abide without conflict in one person? It is not one or the other. It is both, but each in its season, according to the will and purposes of the Most High.

  4. Wow, I had a similar dream a few days ago, April 26. It was a brief vision of looking out and down on a framed picture. Inside the framed picture was a large group of military men (such as in WWII pics), possibly 50 men or less. I was seeing the backs of them and they had on helmets, the color of their clothes and helmets were a light tan, as in the pic you’ve posted (no cammo). They were all huddled together as if posing for a photo and they had rifles/machine guns in their hands pointed forward toward water or another section of land. They were postured for attacking. It seemed like they were on a beach and it was a sunny day with blue skies. No music or words. So, I was seeing the pic from behind, not face-on, I could not see their faces.

    1. I dont think it’s a coincidence that I felt led of Holy Spirit to pick this picture to go along with this message.

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