Ebola…Pandemic in the Making

Ebola…..pandemic in the making

# Ebola cases – week 1 (20 cases) to week 21 (110 cases)

Reasons # Ebola cases will keep growing:

1) Instability in region where outbreak occurred. The area has 20 different armed groups

2) Lack of public trust in medical centers. These are being burned down. Medical workers are being interrupted. Having to wait 5 days to resume treatment work due to attacks on medical professionals. The medical centers are linked to the national force of the Democratic Republic of Congo which are disliked due to the cancellation of elections.

3) Lack of funds to fight spread of disease

4) Experimental vaccine manufactured by Merck is not believed to be working. Uganda is trying a second Ebola prevention vaccine manufactured by Jansen. 110,000 people given experimental Ebola vaccine.

5) Not clear where the epicenter is because it keeps moving. Started in Mangina, moved to Beni then Butembo. Officials are worried it will reach Goma which is the heart of cross border trade and would create regional issues in trying to contain the spread of the disease.

6) 68% of deaths recorded outside treatment centers

Additional concerns:

– May be new cases of Ebola in Kagadi which is close to Entebbe where U.S. military is stationed since 2012

– U.S. military is spread throughout multiple locations in Africa (see map in second video)

– Disease outbreak started in August 2018. The first 500 cases took 4 months while there was an increase of 500 cases from April to May. This will continue to increase to 500 per week to eventually 500 per day.

– Unable to accurately assess the number of Ebola cases and the number of deaths from Ebola

Very serious risk of ebola coming to U.S. through United Airlines starting flights to/from Entebbe (140 passengers each way per day). In another video, he identifies that 8 states have airports with flights to/from Africa (NJ, NY, FL, TN, IL, TX, AZ & CA). Coupled with returning U.S. military that were stationed in Africa.

Suspicion surrounding the 5 month quarantine at sea of the USS Fort McHenry. Measles was the reported outbreak Was this the real disease? Additionally there was a young, female nurse that died aboard the Arlington.

Use www.globalincidentmap.com to track spread of diseases and other situations (14 maps in total)

Source Videos for article:

– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0-taFzZZ50. Event Numbers Now Spiraling Upward
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzYs4MPFhi8. U.S. Army forces near hot spot