Greater than the Eve of Destruction! – John Shorey

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               Below is only the introduction to my next newsletter


Two months ago I wrote part of my newsletter with the title from Barry McGuire’s song called the “Eve of destruction.”  It was very prophetic and how I happened on the song was no coincidence. This newsletter with this title was posted on Jeff Byerly’s site called, Whistleblower Jeff  this newsletter had 1200 hits.

                                What is going on?

Last week I put out the most important newsletter I have ever done, and it only had 90 hits on Jeff’s site.  I have a website counter as well and in the last two months my hits from around the world have cut in half. This last newsletter had two fresh revelations given to me in the last few weeks. These fresh revelations could very well be the most important revelations God has ever given to me.

When I just asked the question, “What is going on?” I believe I know what is going on. We are seeing an incredible loss of interest in the imminent return of the Lord. Worse than just a loss of interest, it could even be part of the great falling away. This falling interest is greater than the, Eve of Destruction.

This is no time to be weary, we are approaching the finish line and many are dropping out of the race. The Bible says that only those who finish the race will win the prize.

1 Corinthians 9:24, “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.”

This verse is describing a human race in the natural. I believe in the spiritual race that God has mapped out for each of us,  if we obey God we can all win.

Hebrews 12:1 confirms this, “Therefore we also since we are surrounded  by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.”

I must tell you, I have been talking and hearing from many prophecy leaders and many are worn down. Why is that? I believe we are being hit hard by the enemy and we only need to hang in there for a little while longer because the finish line is just around the corner. This is no time to quit, we are almost there.

Since the end of 2015 we have seen preppers drop off the radar like flies. When nothing happened by the spring of 2016 I seriously sought God for instructions. God clearly spoke to me, telling me to “Stand my ground and stay the course.

God did not delay his coming, No we did bad math in 2015. In the last eight months God has given me four important revelations showing us what is about to happen. In my last newsletter I put these four studies together. From these studies there is no doubt in my mind that God has given us the last pieces of the puzzle, and it saddens me that many have lost interest in the imminent return of the Lord. I believe God is telling me to hold back the release of my next newsletter until I hear from you that you are still in the game and reading what I put much prayer and study into.

My doing an end times ministry did not happen because I thought it would be a nice thing to study and teach on. No! I was powerfully called and I have an UNMOVABLE CONFIDENCE IN THIS CALL BECAUSE OF ALL THE CONFIRMATIONS ALONG THE WAY.

Below I will list some of the many confirmations I have had over the years since around 2006.


  • The first confirmation was while living in Puyallup, Washington. My wife and I were part time Children’s pastors and a visiting evangelist from Africa who didn’t know who I was, pointed me out in the crowd while getting ready to pray for people’s needs and He said, “I have a word from God for you.” He said a number of things that confirmed that he was hearing from God.  The thing he said that seemed hard to believe was that I was yet to see the greatest years of my ministry. This has proven to be very true, I had many great years as a children’s evangelist and children’s pastor. I have always believed that God has led me into truth because if my teaching was really off I would crash and burn as a false teacher. I have confidence that this will not be the case.




  • While writing my book, The Window of the Lord’s Return, I had a dream that I can still vividly remember. In this dream I was in a valley with walls on both sides and this T-Rex like monster was coming after me. He was backing me up and I kept looking for something to use to defend myself with. I believe this T-Rex was satan and It was like he was invisible as I could look into his belly and see many human skeletons. I spotted a stick that I picked up to defend myself with and when I picked up the stick it turned into a sword. I believe this sword was to represent the Word of God. When I started stabbing T-Rex with the sword the skeletons in his belly disappeared. I believe this dream was telling me that God would use me to set people free from false teachings that were holding them captive.



  • When I published my first edition of my book, I had been struggling to get people interested in my book. This was 2012. My wife was on me to give up this project and move on and find a real job. I asked for six weeks and I told her that if my book did not take off I would give it up. After four weeks she started getting on me to quit. I went to the Lord in prayer on a Friday and told the Lord that I appreciated the small show of interest but I needed a big door to open soon. I had sent a copy of my book a month before to Jim Bakker and I later learned it was sitting on his desk for a month. On Saturday morning after praying on Friday I received an email from Jim Bakker and he told me that the Holy Spirit that morning told him to pick up my book and start reading. Jim told me that once he started he could not put it down. By Monday morning I was invited to be on the Jim Bakker show. Over the last several years I did at least 100 shows with Jim Bakker and was on a couple of other TV and many radio gigs. This was a God thing for sure. I could never have opened those doors.


  • Later in 2012 I had another vivid dream that I have shared many times about a mega earthquake off the coast of Washington. The details of this dream were many and six months later scientists confirmed the Cascadia Fault and coming mega quake in the same detail as what I had seen and shared on the Jim Bakker show.


  • The last thing I will share to let you know why I have unshakable confidence in my call to teach on the Lord’s Coming. I have had too many instances to mention, where God has allowed me to see revelations in God’s Word that I believe were hidden until these last days. I am not a prophet but I am a prophetic teacher. Sometimes my enthusiasm gets ahead of what God is showing me. But as time has gone on, I see that we must not give up because God will lead us into the truth line upon line, often one piece to a time.

Don’t think that just because I have this great confidence in my call that I  don’t get shot at. Just the opposite, satan hates that I have a great confidence in my call, so he has put bullseyes all around me.  I do get weary and even discouraged at time. It is only because I have daily communion with God that I am able to get up each day and move on for God with my confidence in Him.

Satan has targeted all areas of my life and ministry lately. I have had major health challenges, but I have placed my confidence in God to heal me. I have had attacks on my family, my ministry is attacked, I get nasty letters calling me all sorts of lies. If you write me and try to get me down with lies from the pit, you are wasting your time and effort. As I said, the confidence in my call is unshakable, I will not quit.

It is not easy doing what I do financially. I have monthly needs and then I get hit with unexpected expenses. By the end of May I need to cover my yearly property expense. This seems overwhelming to me but not to God, I believe He will put my needs on someone’s heart. I get criticized for taking offerings. Do you know many churches that run without taking offerings and making their needs known?

When those who have been reading my studies drop off, it does affect my finances. I have lately seen a big drop in the number of those supporting me. Many have reduced the amount of support I receive, yet I praise God that I can still place my confidence in him to supply.

In my last newsletter dated 5-08-19 I wove the two newest revelations, (Titles Below) that I have woven together with two other recent studies and the combined four studies reveal truths of the imminent return of the Lord that are mind-blowing. The reason I believe God is holding me back on releasing the next newsletter is because without an understanding of these recent studies you will not be able to grasp what is about to happen.

                The Real Shortening of Days

          Understanding the 6th and 7th Seals


                   In Closing this Introduction

I am making my strongest appeal to you. Please if you did not read my 5-08-19, Newsletter Please, Please, Please, go back and read it carefully. If you have lost it, then go to my site, and hit the link on my home page called prophetic newsletters and read the 5-08-19 newsletter from my site. If you did read my newsletter but did not fully understand it, then go back and read it again. Your future can depend on your understanding what is revealed in this newsletter. I have almost finished my next installment newsletter but I hesitate to send it out unless I receive feedback that the revelations God is giving me are not falling on deaf ears.

Below is the outline of the Newsletter that God is having me hold back its release.



          We are in the Shortening of Days!

                               How Short?

How long do I believe the shortening of days will last. I was given a number of days and asked for a confirmation and the confirmation came in less than 24 hours. It blew me away.


             Crying Peace and Safety, Then

                       Sudden Destruction

All countries involved in the Middle East tensions of war, are crying peace, while America and other countries are preparing for war. I found evidence from contacts I have that America is rapidly preparing for war


                     What will come first?  

I will be sharing what I believe will be the order of events that will bring America from a time of War to the beginning of the Great Tribulation.    



   Instructions on How to Give to This Ministry,   

You can use the donation link on my site or mail your donation to John Shorey, 178 Camino Embarcadero, Rio Rico, Arizona 85648.   May God Bless You as you partner with my ministry?


8 thoughts on “Greater than the Eve of Destruction! – John Shorey”

  1. Brother Shorey, I want to bless you In Jesus name for your obedience to our King Almighty. When I was born again I left my old self and sought God passionately and still do. While seeking God I noticed not everyone had that passion as I did. I would go to bible study every opportunity and service included. I would fast and pray fervently. But at bible study I would feel not much fear and understanding of the Lord same at service. I started receiving many dreams and revelations. I would share them but they would not believe and still they don’t. Simply because they themselves have not received anything of the Lord. Much jealousy abounds. So I keep to myself I found Jeff Byerly on z3 news and the Holy Spirit directed me to him and website. Many dreams that are on the this site I have had them. If you speak of trump forget it you are attacked by brothers in Christ. Truly for a long time I felt as Elijah by myself. But as God almighty says I have reserved a remnant for myself. Most in the church believe we have years before the Lord comes and I completely disagree. The Lord showed me a stop clock with 43 seconds to go with a car dash with warnings all over. Many, many are deceived I continue to pray that they would wake up. Many still won’t believe about the first fruit harvest 144k. The church believes every is leaving. 1 peter 4-18 if scarcely the righteous are saved what of them that are ungodly and sin? Praise God almighty our blessed brother John. Peace and prosperity in the name of Jesus upon your household. Peace of Christ.

  2. And Some of us are going thru pc issues and the one i use now does not have a document reader so the instant download when i click continue reading sends this thing into a fit trying to find a program to display it. Even u-tube can be a challenge at times but work off this website. TY Jeff 🙂 …sometimes what we think we see …is not.. Love to you all
    In Christ Jesus

  3. Dear brother John Shorey,
    While I have greatly enjoyed and benefitted from your newsletters, it has been challenging at times to understand them when you copy and paste things from newsletters you did last year.
    It does bless me to take the time and wade through the changing old material and new material, but I would never expect someone who hasn’t already been following your letters to be able to understand clearly what you have said and are saying. To compare the number of hits to the “Eve of Destruction” letter with any subsequent ones is probably a bit presumptuous. Many people will check it out just because of the mention of the song or because someone told them about it. Thank you for waiting on the Lord for His progressive revelation. I was also wondering about the parallel between the sixth seal and the heavenly signs in Mat 24 and Luke 21. I pray for you and am seeking the Lord regarding a gift to you. God bless you richly!

  4. We need to do what the Lord has commanded us to do for the last 2000 years, and that is to watch for signs of his return. We also need to do his work, which is an excellent way to stay focused because we need to stay close to the Lord to do his work. I have been scanning the horizons for signs of his return since the early 1990s and do not regret it. I still wonder about Ali Winters’ prophecy that we have six more years to prepare… What exactly does that mean? Will more of us give up watching if it takes that long until the kick-off event? I didn’t say it will take that long, but if it does? I will keep watching for as long as it takes, those have been our instructions for the last 2000 years.

    1. Matthew I will just say here that I do not agree with that word by Ali. I you listen to words like that you will be caught sleeping when Jesus comes. STAY READY!

      1. Thank you Jeff for that reply! Reading that in All Winter’s post thre w me for a loop too!

  5. I recall that you helped create a lot of hysteria around the kickoff happening last September. I quit reading your material then. We need to stay in the race but staying on edge all the time is impossible.

    1. True, staying on the edge all the time can be tiresome. I think we should not try to pin down a specific time or probability because it could occur any time. Just as a woman who is expecting a child, you know its coming, the doctor has said its coming, but when it really comes, you were just not really concentrated or focused on the baby’s coming. Then it comes.

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