Help Us Build a Christian Orphanage in Pakistan


My name is Mehrosh Nathaniel, aka Marry. I am the founder of God’s Little Angels Orphanage where we are working for the welfare and prosperity of the Christian community in Lahore, Pakistan. We are at capacity with 90 orphans and several widows living in a rented building. Our hope is to buy a small piece of land and build a permanent home for God’s Little Angels Orphanage. The goal is to offer a safe place where we can provide food, clothing, shelter and Christian education, for at least 500 kids and widows who need our help!
Through your generous donation we can expand our outreach to include:

1: Building a permanent home for God’s Little Angels Orphanage.

2: Monthly food distribution to hundreds of families, the homeless and widows.

3: Journey with Jesus project, establishing Sunday schools in many cities throughout Pakistan.

4: Bible Distribution project, providing the word of God for children.

5: Development of kids, paying school fees, providing school supplies and other expenses.

6: Outreach program for non-believers, visiting places where kids are unaware of the words of Jesus Christ.

Pakistan is a predominantly Muslim country. Finding support for our Christian orphanage within our region is difficult. So we seek donations from other countries around the world. We must expand to keep up with the demand for our services.

Will you please help us today?