Israel, Ephraim and Judah – Tim Foster

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If only people could read their bible and understand what modern people groups are actually being referred to un-fulfilled ancient prophecy…the bible would explode with real understanding about coming events…

Hosea 5:5 The [gay] pride of Israel testifies to his face; Israel and Ephraim shall stumble in his guilt; Judah also shall stumble with them.

Israel = Western Christian Nations
Ephraim = United States of America [The Lead Tribe]
Judah = The Jewish State of Israel of that started in 1948

Remember Jacob’s Proclamation from Genesis 48:
Gen 48:16b Bless the boys [Ephraim & Manasseh] and in THEM LET MY NAME [ISRAEL] BE CARRIED ON,,, and let them grow into a multitude in the midst of the earth.”
[The Western Christian Nations]

The is nothing “Jewish” about “Israel” – according to Jacob’s Proclamation.