One thought on “The final days. 2 suns. Is a cloaked sun causing our dangerous UV radiation? 5/24/2019 – The Final Days”

  1. Last night (5-24-19), I was driving home at “sunset” . . . The “sun” was oddly bright, I glanced every now and then at that direction and I literally say the bright of the fake sun get bigger. They had Chem trailed earlier on a Blue sky day here in NW IOWA . . . Clouds were covering the direction of the sunset. I kept driving and then glancing back.
    I then briefly saw a smaller glowing “sun” slightly higher, behind the fake sun, when the Chem clouds shifted. It look similar to the thumb nail photo shown on the video link, but the second smaller “sun” was not quite as high behind it as in the video.

    Folks. . . This is real . . . A comet of judgement, the destroyer, is on its way.
    The warnings I and others have given WILL become reality.
    Make sure you are in right-standing with the LORD . .
    The “and suddenly” is near.

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