1. This is a very timely word and helps to shift our focus from world events to the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. In another way to look at it, here is the gist of these amazing times.

    “Do not look at the advancing forces of darkness about you and everywhere in the world. Look to the coming King and His Glory and your sadness will turn to joy.”

    Concentrating on the decay, on the politics, the saber rattling, the hype of a world descending into total chaos (war, economic decline/ collapse) will only create fear, which is the very mission of these forces. Fear feeds their power and enables a path for deception of the highest design, such that we find ourselves isolated and vulnerable. However, as many here have stated unequivocally, by putting all our efforts in knowing Jesus, in praying and fasting and living the life Jesus demonstrated during His time of temptation in the desert, we will not be deceived, we will not be living in perpetual fear and we will be under His divine protection.

    This being said, it is my intention to forgo these pages. Certainly, Jeff your efforts have been a blessing to me. Your messages on HSW are important as they deal specifically with our path to salvation, but even here fear has crept in and I have felt the influence of these entities creeping into the messages. You are not immune, none of us are immune unless we put every effort in not being swayed by the evil arising in the world. War is evil, bigotry is evil, hatred is evil…God is Love.

    Jesus did not succumb to the temptation during His forty days in the wilderness because He kept His gaze on the Father. Regardless of His trials (hunger, thirst, loneliness) and the tempting offers made to Him to break His resolve, He abided in the Glory and protection of His Father and did not fall short of His mission. This is where I feel we are at presently, consistently swayed by technology, the internet of THINGS and the lies of domestic and global politics such that we are bereft of the passion to enter into the Word and prepare our Lamps…for Him, the coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

    The time has arrived for the wedding feast. The Hebrew festival Shavuot in 2019 is June 9. (3,6,9). This commemorates the giving of the contract, similar to that of a wedding vow, the Torah or Ten Commandments to Moses at Mt Sinai. In Christianity it is Pentecost, where the Holy Spirit descended on the Disciples and transformed them to Apostles and they fulfilled their mission to bring all nations into the knowledge of the Word of God.

    This will be my last post, thank you Jeff for your diligence to the Lord our God and guidance along the way. May He bless you and all those who read here that truly seek His Grace and Life.

    In closing, I put it to you, remove all the devices, including the TV and open the Book and breathe in the peace and tranquility as soon, even this will be removed and in its place will be technological surveillance to the point of brainwashing. Indeed, sites such as this will be rendered inappropriate and taken down (or worse) once the inevitable ‘Beast’ system unfolds.

    Peace, love and blessings to all.

    1. I understand all this. Fear is a thing I am particularly prone to. I have gotten it to the point of becoming sick…literally..physically painful. It impacts the gut and vice versa. Panic attacks. Barrage attacks. Even including paranoia. Anxiety. I have been afraid to sleep, afraid to rise, afraid to walk down the road, afraid of travelling into cars, fearful of others, fearful of being disliked, fearing death, and fearing failure. I would have to be asked what things I have *not*been afraid of and that would be easier to list!

      I hope and pray we all do as we are led *whatever that is*. I have a “good memory” for scripture and I hope one day when that time you speak of comes…that many of us will *write down* what we remember and that some of us will buy and hide even Bibles, *even right now*. Already many places throughout the world, missionaries and evangelists smuggle Bibles.

      I have asked many times whether I should go away from here. I don’t feel that is the case for me, because so much profit is gleaned and I can pray. I feel like a lot of the time I spend on the internet is wasted…so there is a lot of truth in that. I have felt that many times…when I had my own agenda (usually re: distractions like the internet)…that I must spend time in the Word. This place…not so much that I go away but that time can’t be consumed by it.

      I still like this scripture: “whatever you do, do in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God the Father”. It’s wonderful but also gives an awareness that we must be accountable in everything we do.

      The scripture tells us to pray for all the saints. I have prayed for Jeff’s sleep…as crazy as that sounds…not because I think he has trouble, but when I saw that HSW compilation of this kick-off event. I said to myself, “SHEESH. How does he sleep at night with all this rattling around?” And so I prayed. I pray often. That above was just an example.

      I am prone to fear, but for myself, the fear greatly diminishes and even vanishes the more I press in to prayer and the Word. And then these things don’t bother me anymore…because Jesus indeed makes good promises about never leaving us. And He is *faithful and true*. We must be patient and endure. If we fear, there is absolutely something wrong and it *must* be rectified. Fear is a barrier!

      I hope I always do as the Lord instructs, and I pray the same for all of us.

      May God bless you abundantly, and may your fears be relieved in Jesus name. Because God has not given us a spirit of fear. He who fears has not been made perfect in love.

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