Two Part Message From I AM God The Father & Jesus The Messiah1. A Cause For Great Joy My Children: The Illumination Of Conscience2.  The Writing Is On The Wall: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin” – Only A Grain Of Sand

May 15, 2019

A Cause For Great Joy: The Illumination Of Conscience
(for those in a state of grace & in My Holy Divine Will)

I AM will open your eyes.

You shall see all clearly.

The veil shall be lifted.

Great will be your joy.

To see Me as I AM.

This is what many have waited for.

The saints of ages past wanted to live to see this day.

Your generation is blessed to live to see this day.

Look up for your deliverance is nigh.

I will wipe every tear from every eye, that is focused on Me alone.

You will no longer hunger for this world and its faded pleasures, for I will fill you full of the honey of My dew, My rain of graces untold, un-generated by human expectations or the knowledge of things that pass, like the breath of this life.

Jesus The Messiah

The Writing Is On The Wall: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsim”

Scriptural Reference: Daniel Chapter 5 Verse 25


When you sharpen a pencil, at some point, you have to stop, or you will break off the tip. If you do break it off, you have to go back, and start again. But you are slowly destroying the pencil, grinding it down to a stub.


My poor children, you do not realize how corrupt your society has become; you have gone too far. It is now worse than before the Flood. Your individual and collective acceptance of the agenda of the snake, make you all the more guilty, than the reprobates I destroyed in the Flood waters. Why? Because, they were not graced with the knowledge of the salvation and atonement of the  Blood Sacrifice of My only begotten Son, Jesus the Messiah.


You have ground down the pencil of My Mercy, My Patience, My Forbearance, My Waiting, My Hoping you would return to your God, to a useless stub. The pencil is finished now, and the pile of shavings of your rebellion, covers the face of the earth, in almost total destruction of the beauty, purity, clarity, and munificence I AM created for you all, in the first place.


At some point in each person’s life, if they refuse to come to God, to accept the insistent and relentless attempts of the Holy Spirit, to try and get them to accept God, and live in His Law, Love and Divine Will; it is enough. I AM removes My Hand, for it is soon after that they leave this world, and go to their place, as Judas did. I AM gives you all a human will, to say Yes or No, to your God. I AM will not violate this gift, to My children.


Individually and collectively, you have destroyed the instrument (graces), that I use to write My Love for you, on your hearts, your minds. Your refusal, must now bring on the result of your rebellion, your “I will not serve.” The destruction of your bodies, souls, families, neighbors, environments, lands, countries follows.


I AM is finished waiting for a glimmer of change.
You can not run from Me.

You can not silence Me.

You can not replace Me.

You can not stop Me
You can not kill Me.

You can not live or even breathe without Me.


Now you will face the point itself, but the pencil has turned into a sword of destruction, famine, war, death and pestilence.


God The Father Almighty



One thought on “Two Part Message From I AM God The Father & Jesus The Messiah1. A Cause For Great Joy My Children: The Illumination Of Conscience2.  The Writing Is On The Wall: “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin” – Only A Grain Of Sand”

  1. The people need to be aware that they aren’t guaranteed the next breath. The security that most people feel for their tomorrows are an illusion.

    Hmmm. Sarah-story. I was given at least 2..maybe 3..separate opportunities to come to Christ – probably more. I remember some of my reasons for declining. They ranged from the stupid “I don’t want to be one of those religious weirdoes” to outright “I will never be able to do what I want again”. One time I said that I will not bow to any god or man.

    A short time after I finally came to Christ, I was visiting some church people. I did that on the weekends – a visit and then a ride back home Sunday afternoon. My mum allowed it. A relation of mine had gotten involved with a group of self-proclaimed Satanists and I talked to the ringleader who actually seemed possessed to me. I just had that sense that I wasn’t talking to a human being. It was very unsettling. I just told him that Satan hates him and he’s going to hell if he doesn’t stop what he’s doing (paraphrase). “I’ve been and it wasn’t that bad”. Yeah, right. I really don’t feel like going into further details on that conversation, which ended on a repellent note. My relative was there and thought it was hilarious.

    Anyways, he introduced my relative to drugs..which in turn triggered a violent episode. Something just cracked. He trashed the place. He threatened my parents with a knife. He was no longer himself. I wasn’t there because…church weekend…but if I was and I wasn’t saved. That could have been it for me. My propensity when there is serious violence in the home is almost always to intervene. This person had a knife.

    So I don’t know for sure whether that would have been the end of the line for me, but after that happened, I’ve been keenly aware how close it could have been if I hadn’t accepted the offer I was given when I did. I feel sometimes like I escaped from the skin of my teeth. My life is not my own. I had people praying for me. What would have happened without that?

    Please keep praying for the lost.

    I know at some point the chances stop.

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