Update On Oroville and the Surrounding Lakes/Oroville Dam Concrete is Spalling!!! Get Out Now!! May 27th 2019

Proof of Spalling in the Walls and Gate House, It’s cracking apart, they can’t use the Main Spillway, so that means it’s going to go over the Emergency Spillway, you can’t risk that! All that dirt and trees below will go into the river and clog it! Get out people! Go somewhere safe! This is not the only problem, there are too many! Leaks, broken parts, Spalling, gatehouse sinking, and more!


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  1. I have many family & relatives living below the Oro Dam & the thoughts of these warnings coming true are overwhelming to them. And so I want to remind people who may be directly involved with loved ones, such as myself, ‘they’ waited until just one hour before they thought the dam would break before issuing the last emergency evacuation! It is estimated that it would take 3 days to evacuate the entire Sacramento area. So ask yourself right now, before the next evacuation, how far do you think you can travel before you experience total traffic grid-lock again? If you wait until the public is warned, know by past experience that it will likely be too late.
    So I checked the weather forecast for northern CA & wondered why all of the rain was hitting the north end of the state so hard, as well as the Oro Dam area? So I decided to check the water level at the Shasta Dam. The water level of this HUGE dam is at about 1,064 feet today, less than 3′ below the top! So I checked the water level in the Folsom Dam at Sacramento, and discovered it is almost full too, at near 462 feet of water. That sampling of results tells me that if I kept checking dam levels, I might expect to find them all full or near to capacity. So what I believe we’re discovering here is a set-up to a major disaster beyond anyone’s comprehension, the danger of flooding to the entire valley area of northern & central CA.! One might wonder how dangerous can this be? In several ways, one, if it keeps raining in CA., causing just plain dam failure due to overflow & neglected repairs. Two, if there is any kind of a ‘big quake’. Or three, by unexpected ‘terrorist attacks’ or as part of the ‘kick-off event’ attack against any of the major sized dams.
    Because of the scope & severity of this looming disaster I want to quote the following Word of warning posted by- “Ashley Osh, January 14, 2018, called- THE LORD SHOWED ME CALIFORNIA GOING COMPLETELY UNDERWATER TODAY. “The Lord showed me in the spirit realm via dream today, California almost completely submerged in water. People were jumping off the high cliffs they were stuck on, into all the water, thinking they’d be able to get to dry land, but there was no way, because everything was submerged. Some were being killed as they jumped., I could look from the top of the cliff, and see the entire cities under water, buildings, cars, streets, etc.. Many people were crying in distress at the top of the steep cliffs, and frustrated about how they would ever get to safety again. Please pray for California. I don’t know when, but I know God is not a liar.” rick

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