1. Also do remember that The U.S. shot down an Iranian Air liner in the Gulf during The Reagan Presidency it misidentified. According to reports then the aircraft was emitting signals that indicated it was an F-14 fighter. I believe it was the Vincent that shot it down.

  2. When I saw the Iran warning here about how US passenger planes could be shot down if ‘misidentified’ I was again immediately reminded of Chuck Youngbrandt’s old prophecy about Iran attacking our fleet in the Persian Gulf. That is the same prophecy discussed here in the past few days where Chuck saw in a vision that Iran would drop a nuclear bomb on our ships to the loss of many thousands of American lives. (See “America Opens its Arsenal; Trainloads of Tanks in Desert Paint, heading to ports… IRAN” posted here back around the 13th, I think.) I used to love to listen to Chuck’s testimonies & prophecies, for he had a healthy archive of miraculous stories that could blow your socks off. I remember one day Chuck discussing ‘how’ the Iranians might accomplish such a task against our modern sophisticated armed forces? Perhaps somebody asked him a question, (?) but he suggested the possible scenario that they could theoretically get close enough to our forces to drop a nuke from a passenger airliner jet! He suggested that given a little ‘radio static’ or bad communications, the Iranians might be able buy/scam enough time to play out a ploy approach close enough to our troops with a passenger jet, because our men might hesitate to shoot down a civilian airliner long enough to get the job done? I don’t remember at the moment if that was his personal speculation, or part of what he saw, but take note that this is the same exact situation the Iranians are threatening us over right now! So let’s not think for one moment this idea is not on their collective mind, as we watch Jesus’ Word of prophecy continue to unfold in detail just as Chuck told it. rick

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