Published on Jan 5, 2015

Transcript: “This is the vision I got this morning. It was about — probably about six o’clock in the morning and I was taken to a place and I could see water — it looked like the ocean. And then I could see a big explosion and smoke; and I didn’t know what it was that was exploding. Then I could see what looked like the smoke cleared. I could see like the front of what looked like a huge — some sort of ship, a naval ship. And at the time I could see the ship, I could see that it was starting to sink; it was sinking. And I go a word of the name of the ship; It was a military ship and it was named after a United States President. Therefore it’s a United States ship. I did go on to the military website; and I have no clue of anything that has to do with anything with the military or ships, the Navy or anything. But I did come across some active United States naval ships and there were several of them named after United States Presidents: USS Ronald Reagan, — all have USS in front of it — Jimmy Carter, George HW Bush, John Kennedy, George Washington, Gerald Ford — So those were the several of the active naval ships that I saw on Google this morning. And again, the bombing was of a US naval ship named after a United States President. So again, as the scripture reads, there will be wars and rumors of wars and we know that we can see this all over the entire world going on right now.”


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  1. Hello,

    About a month ago, I was shown in a dream an aircraft fighter could not tell if russian or chinese. The fighter jet launched a large missile cleary seen on the belly. It fired the missile and the missile flew above the water then parabola high into the atmospehere and came straight down with such tremendous speed and sunk an aircraft carrier American. the missile hit dead center of the carrier and began to sank. my wife in the dream said where did it came from and somehow I started calculating distance velocity and the parabola. it was from 6000 miles away. and the dream ended. just to let you know I am not good with math at all. It breaks my heart but will of the Lord be done. Peace of Christ.

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