WARFARE – Gary Bertnick

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We saints as servants all “fight the good fight”,
We believers as followers of Messiah put on the “full armor of God”
To keep separate from the crude worldly balance of love and hatred
Played out by the children of darkness willingly or unknowingly
In the places where priceless souls waste away,
Small children and their parents
Adult men and women who should know better.

Who long ago could have bowed before Heaven’s Seat of Mercy,
Yet, go about their lives unaware of eternal goodness
Adrift on the dark sea of fear, pride and self-satisfaction;
In large cities the faint stars of dim night skies rarely looked at,
Stars of heavenly beauty seen at best with a vague glance
By those who fully embrace the comforts of this world
Content by what is held in hand
At rest in possessions and the hunger of desire only for more!
And what of their children
Groomed to be with the same appetites,
While the “father of lies” moves steadily in his evil powers
He who forces control over nations,
How much more those who love first the world,
And ignore the shortfalls, the short comings of endless suffering and poverty
Even close ears to the growing sounds of deadly wars and the rumors of more!
Evil men and women, rulers who stir the pots that constantly boil,
Overflow in all directions with pain, death and grief,
Yet, these ones celebrate their own wickedness
Deceitful leaders who smile and wave,
To them peace is but a wasted opportunity!
Then, they only conspire to destroy more;
These “war hawks” live out Satan’s lies,
Warmongers who celebrate their lives of greed and arrogance
Join willingly with the seductive fallen angel-
Lucifer who at last has been cast down to the earth from the heavens;
All of these persons are destined to be thrown into cold, dark prisons,
Then, after final judgment
The raging fires of eternal torment wait
As Justice from the One above all heaven and earth,
The God of Peace and Love, Sovereign over all His Creation!
       *Among others contemporary, the prophecies of Dumitru Duduman
  are relevant and compliment the Scriptures.