One thought on “Word and Two Visions.Be On Alert All. – Bette Stevens”

  1. “What are you doing with what the Lord has given you today?”

    These words at the end of this video hit me like a ton of bricks. Bette has asked us all the most important question for the times in which we live.

    Has He blessed you with health and prosperity? Has He led you and your loved ones in a blessed life? Has His Word impressed upon you the urgency of the times and offered you comfort in the knowledge that now more than ever we should stand firm in our resolve for His will to be done and that His promised salvation is indeed at hand?

    We are at the precipice of the final chapter of the Creation. All my life I dreamed of being able to go back in time and be present at the Olivet Discourse to be consumed by His Grace and Authority. Now we are at a time that equals this, a time that we have agreed to be present for and savour with humble adoration. Now ask yourself the question that Bette has put to us. I pray…

    Thank you Lord Jesus for allowing us this opportunity to be present for your wedding feast. We come prepared with full lamps and open hearts and ask that your Holy Spirit descend on us as to guide and comfort us as the time of your return draws near. All praise and glory to you Lord Jesus, our God and Saviour. Amen

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