End Times Tidbits and Revelations Hidden in Joe Brandt’s 1937 Vision – Glynda Lomax

Here’s the vision she reads from:

• In 1937 Joe Brandt saw an Earthquake sink Los Angeles, much of California and Japan

• Other links to Joe Brandt’s 1937 Vision (via Bing):


Places of Refuge in the Great Tribulation – Renee P

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Sunday 21st October 2018 at 12pm

My Dear Children,

It is your Lord speaking clearly to you. For the time has come to get to know Me mightily now more than ever before. It is no time to procrastinate. If you desire to help in the preparation of helping lost sheep during the coming tribulation you must be prepared to repent and indwell with the Holy Spirit. Many are called few are chosen and the workers are few. I need My faithful ones to come to Me in pray and I will help guide them in what preparation are required. Continue reading “Places of Refuge in the Great Tribulation – Renee P”


As Israel was so to is the nation that forgets her God – Ali Winters

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Saturday, October 20, 2018

“I have come that they may have life and life abundantly….yet My people continue to dwell among the shadows of darkness, surrounded by false prophets, heirling pastors and compromising congregants. Where is My annointing that breaks the yoke…where is My Spirit to guide you into all truth? Continue reading “As Israel was so to is the nation that forgets her God – Ali Winters”


So much loss of life will flood your world! – Victoria Ang

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Arise my children!!! ARISE!! These are perilous times! Danger comes from EVERY CORNER! Stay in prayer!
The evil one looms in your midst! Clouded by MUCH DECEPTION!
I will alert you to the evil ones plans as you stay steadfast in my ways and word! My warnings continue to increase to try and keep you protected! Why must you continue to ignore me children? Continue reading “So much loss of life will flood your world! – Victoria Ang”


Prophetic Newsletter By John Shorey 10-20-2018 Are You Really Listening to God??? Say it Again, They Didn’t Hear You. Is Doom and Gloom Preaching a God Thing?

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Are You Really Listening to God???
I believe the most important teaching in this newsletter is all about hearing from God. My question is, “Are you really listening to God? Can you prove it? I believe the answer to these questions can be found in a true life story that happened to me when I was about 10-12 years old growing up in Northern Maine in the early 60’s. I will also back up my illustration from the Bible in the book of James.
When I grew up it was expected that all of us five boys would help out around the house with chores. These chores ranged from washing and drying the dishes, hanging or taking down the laundry, shoveling snow on a long driveway in the winter and mowing a large lawn in the summer.
I will never forget the time my dad asked me to mow the lawn. He asked me to mow the lawn and I told him, “Sure dad I will do it.” A couple of hours when by and I hadn’t mowed the lawn and my dad asked me a second time, “John Go and mow the lawn.” Again I said, “Sure dad I will do it.” More time goes by and my dad comes up behind me and grabs me by the ear and starts walking me to the lawn mower and this time he said, “I told you to mow the lawn, did you hear me?” When my father told me to mow the lawn and I told him I would but didn’t do it, it was as if I didn’t hear my father. Verbal accent without action is the same as not hearing. Continue reading “Prophetic Newsletter By John Shorey 10-20-2018 Are You Really Listening to God??? Say it Again, They Didn’t Hear You. Is Doom and Gloom Preaching a God Thing?”


Trump says US is ending decades-old nuclear arms treaty with Russia

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President Donald Trump announced Saturday that the US is pulling out of the landmark Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia, a decades-old agreement that has drawn the ire of the President.

“Russia has violated the agreement. They’ve been violating it for many years,” Trump told reporters before boarding Air Force One to leave Nevada following a campaign rally.

Emerging economies stockpiling gold in expectation of US dollar banking system collapse – analysts

Emerging economies stockpiling gold in expectation of US dollar banking system collapse – analysts

Countries around the world are turning to gold as uncertainty about the global economy rises. Trade wars and the aggressive policies of the United States are making emerging economies withdraw from dollar assets, analysts told RT.

“In the near future we can witness a big change in the rules of the game. At the beginning of the year, developing countries were the first to feel investor panic. If a crisis in Latin America and South Asia doesn’t surprise anybody, now is the time to worry about the largest economies of the world,” Mikhail Mashchenko, an analyst at the social network for investors eToro in Russia and CIS told RT.

“The aggressive US policy in recent years has forced some countries to look for an alternative to the dollar and replenish their gold reserves. Worries about the future growth of global economy are an additional incentive for purchases. Many question Donald Trump’s protectionism,” the analyst added.

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The ILLUSION of Trump & Pence, with Warning to the FALSE “prophets” – Linda Hasche (BelieveActs2)

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Luke 6:26 ~ “Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for their fathers used to treat the false prophets in the same way.”
I’m going to start off with a plea for you to truly seek the LORD for confirmation on what I’m about to share.  Sadly, most professing Christians did NOT seek the LORD about Trump/Pence when they were running for the presidential election.  Most got swept up in the illusion and would not seek the truth.  I’m being commanded by the Heavenly Father to tell you the truth today, whether you like it or not, for the FALSE prophets have led so many astray about Trump & Pence;  the Father’s anger burns.

Continue reading “The ILLUSION of Trump & Pence, with Warning to the FALSE “prophets” – Linda Hasche (BelieveActs2)”


Vision/Word: A Nuclear War Came Without Any Warning and Took Down One City – Bette Stevens

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On October 13 2016, I was given two separate visions during the third watch of the night. The first is shared here.

Let me preface by saying that when a prophet or prophetess brings a word from the Lord, such as a warning, it is to be done in humility because with any warning or judgment also must come a remedy or solution. All prophets must adhere when giving a word or warning, that it is from the Lord, that it is within Scriptural boundaries. With all that being said, HEAR the word of the Lord.
I usually wake up and pray or read, but I fell into a light sleep and I saw myself watching a nuclear war taking place. It came fast, without any warning, and it only took down ONE city. It was not anywhere else in America. Continue reading “Vision/Word: A Nuclear War Came Without Any Warning and Took Down One City – Bette Stevens”


Message to My Bride: I long for you – Todd Farley

October 20, 2018

A word from the Spirit of the Lord:

My bride, I long for you! Soon, a lot is going to happen…

Right now you are not fully prepared, but by the time some of these things happen, you will be. It is this interim or final period of preparation where you are feeling some of the intensity of the removal of spots and wrinkles. Continue reading “Message to My Bride: I long for you – Todd Farley”



Picture Of Rebellion

Beloved daughter, write these words down for me.

Where are the warriors, the intercessors, My foot soldiers? Why are you not doing the will of the Father? You had areas of assignment to pray over and to seek the lost. I am speaking to My seasoned called ones—you are laying down on the job!!! Continue reading “PROPHETIC WARNING FOR ALL WATCHMAN, INTERCESSORS & FOOT SOLDIERS! DO NOT REBEL (MS. SOPHIE)”



Democrat Nancy Pelosi is already drawing up big plans for the House of Representatives takeover. First there will have to be some people  punished.

The country will be put on strict rations. And those who don’t share the views of the left will become “collateral damage.”



Apocalypse in 2019: Is Russia-US war possible?

Apocalypse in 2019: Is Russia-US war possible?

Nearly half of US military troops believe America will be drawn into a major war next year and see Moscow and Beijing as main threats, according to a recent poll. But is there any basis for this anxiety among soldiers?

Almost a half of soldiers and commanders in the US Armed Forces (46%) believe that their country will be drawn into a large-scale armed conflict in 2019, reveals a new Military Times’ poll of active-duty troops. They didn’t clarify though what kind of war with Russia they expect. Neither have they presented any analysis of a potential strategic armed conflict between Moscow and Washington. US servicemen didn’t consider the latest trends and changes in the way our countries will do combat in the near future. They have briefly mentioned cyberattacks, but only the ones that took place this year.

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Vision/Word: Prepare my people that war is falling upon your land – Patti Huson

October 19, 2018

The Lord spoke to me in the early morning, the 3 a.m. hour. He gave me a vision and then he spoke to my spirit. Truly God has been long suffering to a nation who continues to sin greatly against him😔😔 Continue reading “Vision/Word: Prepare my people that war is falling upon your land – Patti Huson”


Called to be a Warrior – Renee P

I AM calling My Army together. Do you have a calling in your heart to fight for your LORD and KING? Are you ready to battle the enemy? I AM calling, the battle cry is going out. The war is soon to being. Is your armour on, fixed in place and ready for the fight? These are the days of preparation. If you are not ready, MAKE THYSELF Ready. Learn the art of war! Learn how to clothe yourself, learn how to pray, learn how to praise and worship. You will be mighty in My Name. You will work wonders and preform miracles but you must be ready. I have given you the book of instructions, My Word. Battling evil spirits is not for babes. I need warriors, fighting men. 

Continue reading “Called to be a Warrior – Renee P”


Beauty Destroyed – Glynda Lomax

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Events coming to the world after the calling home of the Merciful Ones will shock even unbelievers, My Children. Some of them will even cry out to Me when these things happen. Most, however, will not. I will continue allowing events and sending events to help them to see their need for Me as time moves towards the end. Continue reading “Beauty Destroyed – Glynda Lomax”


Federal Judge “Shocked” To Find Obama State Dept Lied To Protect Hillary From Email Server Lawsuits

The noose appears to be tightening further around the law-less behaviors of the Obama administration in their frantic efforts to protect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from lawsuits seeking information about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server and her handling of the 2012 terrorist attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

As Fox News reports, the transparency group Judicial Watch initially sued the State Department in 2014, seeking information about the response to the Benghazi attack after the government didn’t respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Other parallel lawsuits by Judicial Watch are probing issues like Clinton’s server, whose existence was revealed during the course of the litigation.

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Mexican Riot Cops Deployed For Caravan Showdown After Trump Snaps Fingers

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Mexico deployed hundreds of riot police on Thursday to intercept a caravan of more than 4,000 Central American migrants, following demands by President Trump that Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador intervene before he has to deploy US troops.

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Russia And China Prepare To Ditch Dollar In Bilateral Trade

In a time when many nations have gone public with their intention to ditch the dollar in part or in whole, in bilateral trade with non-US counterparts, either to prevent the US from having “veto power” of commerce courtesy of SWIFT or simply in response to Trump’s “America First” doctrine, attention has long focused on Russia and China – the two natural adversaries to the US – to see if and when they would accelerate plans for de-dollarization.

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Putin: Russia Will Only Use Nuclear Weapons ‘If We Are Victims Of Aggression’


Speaking at a policy forum on Thursday, Russian President Vladimir Putin doubled-down on a warning to Russia’s geopolitical foes first made earlier this year when he declared that Russia would only use its “unstoppable” nuclear weapons in response to an incoming missile attack.

While Russia would undertake a preemptive nuclear strike, Putin said Russia wouldn’t hesitate to retaliate if its warning systems spot incoming missiles, even if it would mean the mutually assured destruction of both parties, as ABC Newsreported. Any “aggressor should know that retaliation is inevitable, and that it will be destroyed” Putin said.

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Speak now son of man speak of what you see. I am standing in your glory. I see all that you have created.? It is beautiful it is perfect. The water is so clear and the sky is so blue. I can feel the wind which is your spirit. Continue reading “YOUR JUDGEMENT SHALL BE SWIFT AND SEVERE , REPENT! – Godshealer7”


ISIS RETURNS: Sick terrorists take 700 hostage – Putin issues warning

The Russian leader said the depraved terrorists had expanded its control in territory controlled by US and US-backed forces.

ISIS issued Russia with an ultimatum and vowed to execute ten people every day.

Speaking in the Black Sea resort city of Sochi, Putin said the hostages included several US and European nationals.

Putin told the Valdai discussion forum in Sochi: “They have issued ultimatums, specific demands and warned that if these ultimatums are not met they will execute 10 people every day.

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State Tells Christian Filmmakers: Make Same-Sex Marriage Films or Spend 90 Days in Jail

Two Christian filmmakers appeared before the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Paul Tuesday to challenge Minnesota state law which they say illegally forces them to produce and create films expressing messages that contradict their core beliefs.

Telescope Media Group owners Carl and Angel Larsen have already been threatened with hefty fines and up to 90 days in jail if they choose to disregard the law.

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Evil Crescendo – Glynda Lomax

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Prepare yourselves for a crescendo of chaos as you approach the end of the Merciful Ones being removed from the earth for the enemy will have greater access to your world and it shall be clearly evident. Those left behind have less empathy and evil will increase exponentially at that time. Multiple events will happen at once showing you this is true.

Continue reading “Evil Crescendo – Glynda Lomax”


I Wish to Speak to You Very Clearly so that My People are Not in Confusion When the Things That I Am About to Speak of Begin to Happen. – Holy Spirit Wind

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The “False Flag” event will also involve fire, but not the kind that you expect. Once again (as on 9-11) this will come from advanced weapons of “alien technology” that most of you do not even know exists. It will be made to look like one of the “Fall Guys” has caused the destruction, but it will actually come from the enemy within. The other “Fall Guy” will in turn retaliate and thus it shall begin. America entered the Second World War on a “False Flag” attack (Pearl Harbor) and she will enter into the Third World War in much the same fashion.  She will now find though that I AM no longer fights for her. America shall suffer humiliating and devastating defeat because she no longer follows Me.
After the financial crash, civil war in America will begin because all of the benefits and entitlements that people have come to love and expect will be gone, and only those following Me closely with be provided for. This will be a huge test for My children: the giving of their food and provisions to those who are lost and in need, but this will be the way that many come into My kingdom; through the selfless, loving acts of My children. This is when you will show your faith by your works, and those who do not will find that they don’t really know Me like they thought.
Donald J. Trump cannot save America, I AM the only one who could ever do that, but she would not have Me.

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Trump: The “Fall Guy” – Ken Dewey


Early in the presidential elections [as they were just getting started with all the men running for office of president], I received a word saying “Donald Trump was a trumpet to trumpet all.”

At the same time a little later on the same day, I heard also the LORD say:  “He is a fall guy.”

I never posted this further word, mainly because I was unsure if I should, wondering myself what it meant.  Plus, I wondered if it was just for me to know….. I have gone now all this time carefully studying all about him and the actions he has taken and the contest.

I have deeply wondered why the LORD would call him “a fall guy.” Continue reading “Trump: The “Fall Guy” – Ken Dewey”


Is An Asteroid Coming? The Proposed Budget For NASA’s ‘Planetary Defense Coordination Office’ Is Suddenly Increased To $150 Million

Is An Asteroid Coming? The Proposed Budget For NASA’s ‘Planetary Defense Coordination Office’ Is Suddenly Increased To $150 Million


Gloom And Doom Or Good News? – Jeanette

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October 16, 2018.

There are many accusations that come to those who preach the word of God. A most common accusation is what the Lord has given me to speak about today. At times this accusation is a bit quieter and then at times it gains popularity and shouts from various public forums. The accusation is that those who proclaim the soon return of Jesus and the events Jesus said would happen prior to His return are nothing more than ‘gloom and doom’ preachers. It’s always been so odd to me. What exactly is gloom and doom about hoping for the return of our Lord Jesus and believing what Jesus said would happen first? Continue reading “Gloom And Doom Or Good News? – Jeanette”


Conspiring Against President Trump – Tim Shey

4 October 2018

Last night I had a dream where I saw a younger LBJ:  he wasn’t President, but still a U.S. Senator.  LBJ was talking with a few other U.S. Senators.  They were conspiring against JFK.  It was a very long dream, but most of the details are gone from me now. Continue reading “Conspiring Against President Trump – Tim Shey”


Gay Priest Speaks at Southern Baptist Event

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This is the new Southern Baptist Convention, and other once conservative Biblical denominations are not at far behind their insane embrace of LGBT+ inclusion. Their nuanced language has worked in the past, but the realities are starting to settle in for many.  We have replaced our conservative leaders with gay activists and change agents. We have suppressed and replaced the Gospel of Repentance and Faith with deceitful promises of celibacy and, worst of all, we have replaced Biblical family and Church with a false metric of inclusion and politically correct rabble rhetoric. You must now ask yourself, are your family and your children, and in fact your faith, safe in the churches which sent staff members to this and other ERLC conferences and who have embraced its false teachings?

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Trump vs. The Fed: When Markets Crash, Who Is To Blame?(Trump will be the fall guy!)

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 04:03 Brandon Smith

After a certain length of time examining history in-depth, anyone who is honest and relatively objective comes to understand that most of what we are told about our past in the mainstream is completely fabricated. We learn that much of “history” is not about posterity or heritage and more about a continuous set of false narratives peppered with half-truths. That is to say, what we thought we knew is actually lies. Continue reading “Trump vs. The Fed: When Markets Crash, Who Is To Blame?(Trump will be the fall guy!)”


Blast in Crimean college was terrorist attack, explosive was filled with shrapnel – investigators

At least 18 people have been killed and dozens more have been injured in the blast. The incident was blamed on a gas leak at first, but it was later confirmed to be a terrorist attack.

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In the World – Glynda Lomax

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It is not recess, but many of My children have gone out to play. I have called you to do a work for Me, but you are playing in the world, concerned only with your own pursuits. I have called you to stand at your post and be part of My Kingdom plan, but you refuse Me. You think there is still time to play and do all you desire. Continue reading “In the World – Glynda Lomax”


Dream: Plan to remove Trump in as soon as 5 weeks! Call on Jesus and Repent! – Christopher Harris

At about the 7-minute mark in the 20-minute video shown Christopher Harris shares a warning dream he received three days ago on October 13, 2018.

In the dream, he was warned about a plan to remove President Trump from office and told the plan would manifest within five weeks. Assuming that means five weeks from the day Christopher received the dream, the plan would manifest by Thursday, November 18. He was not shown whether that would mark the beginning or the completion of the plan.


A Snare has Been Laid – Elizabeth Marie

October 12, 2018

message: a snare has been laid

On 10/10/18, I received a ‘word’ and a message. Brothers and sisters, there is a ‘trap’ being laid right now for the righteous. Please take it to prayer for further revelation and protection over our families and land. Continue reading “A Snare has Been Laid – Elizabeth Marie”


“I actually want to be included in every part of your life- spiritual or unspirutual.” – Lindsay Davis

Today, my life was forever changed.

I had my first session of a class I’m taking called “Developing Intimacy With God.”

During prayer, I said, “Father I feel so lonely”.

He said “Yes I miss you too.” Continue reading ““I actually want to be included in every part of your life- spiritual or unspirutual.” – Lindsay Davis”



October 16, 2018

There are three voices that will come to you in your Christian walk:
1. our own voice which functions from the memory,
2. the voice of the devil which is pushy,
3. the voice of God which speaks with a revelation. Continue reading “HEARING GOD’S PROPHETIC VOICE – Pastor Terry Thompson”


Virginia Couple Threatened With Eviction for Holding Bible Study File Complaint With HUD

(The Christian Post) An elderly couple facing a possible eviction from a Virginia-based retirement community for hosting a Bible study has taken their fight to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In July, the Community Realty Company sent a notice to Kenneth and Liv Hauge, who live at the Evergreens at Smith Run in Fredericksburg, informing them that they must either stop holding Bible study or be evicted.

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The Enemy’s Hand – Glynda Lomax


Those called to prayer in this time have an especially important work to do. They are like highly trained Bodyguards that provide cover for the workers assigned to other tasks. I saw in the spirit that some are assigned to prayer who are not praying, and this is happening on a wide scale. God has called a specific group to intense prayer and intercession. You have been assigned specific areas and people to pray over continually. Many are refusing to answer the call at all, but others are just not doing the work. The scene changed and I saw them out playing on a playground. The Lord showed me this was the enemy’s hand at work. Continue reading “The Enemy’s Hand – Glynda Lomax”


Pennsylvania Family Told They Can’t Hold a Bible Study on Their Own Property

Scott and Terri Fetterolf have owned their 32-acre farm for about fifteen years. They also have a yarn and wool shop, sell fresh produce, flowers and other goods, provide classes to teach people to use the products they sell on the farm, and host private events like bridal showers and prayer groups. But their freedom to worship on their own property has now been called into question.

They were served a cease-and-desist order late last year by the borough of Sewickley Heights, requiring them to cease and desist bible studies and characterizing them as a “special or studio school”, which requires the homeowner to go through a lengthy conditional use approval process to receive permission before bible studies could resume.  The order further ordered them to cease and desist a worship night, a religious retreat, and a religious fundraiser for kids in Africa via the Kenya Christian Education Partnership, claiming those events were only permissible in zones where “places of worship or assembly” are permitted.

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Papa God Yahweh says, yes My Children, My Judgments have come, and you haven’t seen anything yet

Given to Wendi Lee by Father God Yahweh on 15 Oct 18
Write My Holy Daughter who lives in Babylon America but has come out of her. Father has just given Wendi Lee a vision of complete and utter destruction of you O whore Babylon. There shall be nothing remaining except where the owls roost on the broken branches.

Continue reading “Papa God Yahweh says, yes My Children, My Judgments have come, and you haven’t seen anything yet”


To the Dead Man Walking – AWord From the Lord


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The day looms toward, the day of exposure.  Nothing hidden will remained covered, did you not know this?  You carry on as if this will never be for you deceive others very well, even yourself.  You’ve made a well acted play among all that you know for they see the fake you.  Oh, you are so very skilled at presenting the character they all see in you.  You are so lovable and kind, everybody’s friend.  They do not see as I see, the black soul that is within you.  How you are a stench to my nostrils.  For everything you are, all that you do – I hate with great passion.  You are an abomination to Me as you have stored within you My wrath.   Did you really think that I would not see?  That because you have gotten away with this way of life, that I somehow have overlooked this?  This is your deception that will bring you to the pit of hell where you belong!  Don’t you see that you are My enemy?  That I am fixed to bring you to devastation – into eternity?
Continue reading “To the Dead Man Walking – AWord From the Lord”


Kick Off Event – Renee P

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Monday 15th October 2018

I asked The Lord for understanding and confirmation on the ‘Kick off Event’. These are the words he gave me.

Are you disappointed in Me My child. Many are disappointed that My Kingdom hasn’t come yet. Some are disappointed that the Kick off Event hasn’t come. Even more are disappointed things haven’t become great again. They are disappointed in Me and My Timing. They feel things move too slowly or that My judgements don’t have the effect desired. It is all in My Perfect Timing. I see the hearts that fall away from Me little by little as world events don’t seem to be as they expected them to be. Continue reading “Kick Off Event – Renee P”



Collision Course (2012) [Action & Abenteuer] | Film ...

Prophesy Daughter Prophesy

My children, I am not going to answer your prayers for abundance, for prosperity so you can spend on more foolish and frivolous things. This nation is about to CRASH AND BURN!!! My anger is kindled and I will NOT bow down to your demands. Continue reading “PROPHETIC WORD: THIS NATION IS ON A COLLISION COURSE WITH ITS CREATOR (MS. SOPHIE)”