SUPERMOON EARTHQUAKE? Could Sunday's lunar event cause devastating tremors and tsunamis?

(COMBO) A combination made on November 1

INCREASED gravitational force on Earth from Sunday’s supermoon could increase the risk of major earthquakes or tsunamis striking, it has been claimed.

3 Dec 2017 at sunset is 16 kislev 5778.  The 70th anniversary of the 16 kislev 5708 commandment to restore Israel at the UN 29 Nov 1947.
The moon relates to Israel and the sun to the gentiles.
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Secret Vatican Briefings on the Creation of the Prophet Muhammed from Ex Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera

A wealthy Arabian lady who was a faithful follower of the pope played a tremendous part in this drama. She was a widow named Khadijah. She gave her wealth to the church and retired to a convent, but was given an assignment.She was to find a brilliant young man who could be used by the Vatican to create a new religion and become the messiah for the children of IshmaelKhadijah had a cousin named Waraquah, who was also a very faithful Roman Catholic, and the Vatican placed him in a critical role as Muhammad’s advisor. He had tremendous influence on Muhammad.Teachers were sent to young Muhammad and he had intensive training. Muhammad studied the works of St. Augustine, which prepared him for his “great calling”. The Vatican had Catholic Arabs across North Africa spread the story of a great one who was about to rise up among the people and be the chosen one of their God. While Muhammad was being prepared, he was told that his enemies were the Jews and that the only true Christians were Roman Catholic. He was taught that others calling themselves Christians were actually wicked impostors and should be destroyed. Many Muslims believe this.Muhammad began receiving “divine revelations” and his wife’s Catholic cousin Waraquah helped interpret them. From this came the Koran. In the fifth year of Muhammad’s mission, persecution came against his followers because they refused to worship the idols in the Kaaba. Muhammad instructed some of them to flee to Abysinnia, where Negus, the Roman Catholic king, accepted them because Muhammad’s views on the virgin Mary were so close to Roman Catholic doctrine. These Muslims received protection from Catholic kings because of Muhammad’s revelations. Muhammad later conquered Mecca and the Kaaba was cleared of idols. History proves that before Islam came into existence, the Sabeans in Arabia worshiped the moon-god who was married to the sun-god. They gave birth to three goddesses, who were worshipped throughout the Arab world as “Daughters of Allah“. An idol excavated at Hazor in Palestine in the 1950s shows Allah sitting on a throne with the crescent moon on his chest.Muhammad claimed he had a vision from Allah and was told:“You are the messenger of Allah.” This began his career as a prophet and he received many messages. By the time Muhammad died, the religion of Islam was exploding. The nomadic Arab tribes were joining forces in the name of Allah and his prophet, Muhammad.
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My Saints Will Reap the Largest Harvest Ever Known to Mankind – Orianna Silver


“Write these words that I say to you today,
Chaos and clamor will soon be your “normal”.
My people, you did not listen to your general.
You will soon pay the price for all of the wickedness you have created.
It is by My mercy only that you are still standing.
I wish for none to perish!  Judgment is coming to your land, and very soon.
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Paul Craig Roberts: “Can’t You See War On The Horizon?”

“…The world is being driven to Armageddon simply because a greedy and corrupt US military/security complex needs an enemy to justify its huge budget, because Hillary and the DNC cannot accept a political defeat, and because the neoconservatives have an ideology of American Supremacy..”
“We also must ask ourselves how much longer Washington is going to permit any of us via the Internet to report the real news instead of the fake news that Washington uses to control explanations.
The effort by the Federal Communications Commission chairman to destroy net neutrality and other efforts underway to discredit factual news as Russian propaganda indicate that Washington has concluded that in order to war on Russia Washington must also war on truth.
Washington will not survive its war, and neither will the American and European people.”


South Korea Unveils Plan To Strike North Korean Missile Launchers

South Korea Unveils Plan To Strike North Korean Missile Launchers

North Korea launched its Hwasong-15 ICBM into the waters west of Japan at 3:17 am local time on Wednesday. Barely six minutes later, South Korean artillery, air force, and Navy sprang into action and began firing missiles into the waters off eastern Korea – yet another military show of force meant to intimidate the North into ceasing its missile strikes.
The retaliatory display was calibrated to target a spot in the waters off the Korean peninsula that was exactly as far away as Pyongsong, a town about 20 miles north of Pyongyang where the Hwasong 15 was reportedly launched. The distance was meant to signify that the South Korean military could destroy the North’s missile launchers if it chose to do so, the Wall Street Journal.