Spirit of Violence Being Loosed – Augusto Perez


Last evening after my time of prayer with the LORD I went to bed.  I had a very alarming in the middle of the night. I felt such an urgency in my spirit that after I woke up in the middle of the night I wanted to sit in my computer and send out a prayer alert to the intercessors. However, I was so tired and drained that all I could do was write down what I had been shown so I would not forget the details.  I prayed against what I saw and went back to lie down. This morning, after having an opportunity to pray and collect my thoughts, I am posting this dream and sending out a prayer alert.  I had a series of dreams one after the other. This does not happen often, but whenever it does they are usually linked together.  Continue reading “Spirit of Violence Being Loosed – Augusto Perez”