The Chamber – Cheryl Adama


Go, go away from this place, the place where Fear dwells.  Excuse yourself from all its company and steal away to a place that has been set aside for you, just you.  As you make that first move, to turn from Master Fear, it will only be moments where you will see the Door, the Door where hope awaits you.  Keep walking away, blocking your ears against the threats that Fear shouts your way.  Continue reading “The Chamber – Cheryl Adama”


Prepare To Preach & Praise – Renee P

Monday 23rd 2018 3.35pm

For the night draws close to when I will take My Bride to Me. The time now is the time to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and most importantly spiritually. As the end draws near My watchmen are at their posts and My Bride are being called to work mightily in the harvest of My lost souls. The time is now to get right with Me. Each servant needs to have a ministry that is of Me. I AM calling more now than ever. Continue reading “Prepare To Preach & Praise – Renee P”


Calm – Glynda Lomax

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I desire My Children would remain calm in what is coming. Your calm is the outward evidence to others of your faith and trust in Me.

If you believe what I have told you, you will not fear, but walk forward in strict obedience. You will walk as I have instructed you. You will witness of My Great Name, My Word and My Ways. You will tell others how to find Me and know Me. You will set your face like flint, as My Son did on His way to the Cross. You will not waver, but finish the race with courage and tenacity. Continue reading “Calm – Glynda Lomax”