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I do not call you slaves; a master doesn’t confide in his slaves. You are not the property of a taskmaster; neither are you subservient workers. I share My secrets, I explain My mysteries and I reveal my heart to My friends. I have called you “friends”. You are My friends if you continue to do whatever I ask of you; John 15:14-15. A friend of the king dines at the table of the king; he is chosen and appointed to sit with him there. My friends are not beggars who scurry after crumbs that fall to the floor. Those who are seated with Me are worthy companions; Matthew 10:37-38; they are cherished and honored at the feast I have prepared; Luke 13:29. I have chosen My friends from among the nobles, the officers, the princes, the priests and even the outcasts; Matthew 11:19. They are assembled with those who provide food for the king’s household; 1 Kings 4:5-7; John 21:15-17. A beloved friend leans upon Me at the supper; John 21:20. There is no need to raise My voice in noisy, angry tones to a friend; I need not shout aloud to My beloved who abides within My shadow. I can whisper and speak softly to the one who is near to Me, touching Me; 1 Kings 19:11-13; John 13:23, 28. Continue reading “I   HAVE   CALLED  YOU “FRIENDS” – Terri Hill”


‘It’s Time to Change the Church’: Francis Chan Issues Grave End-Times Warning Straight Out of Revelation

Evangelist Francis Chan has called out the American church during a sermon at Azusa Pacific University.

Chan urged believers to read through the book of Revelation. He said many Christians are misled about what Jesus’ return will actually be like.

“John sees Jesus, the Risen Jesus, you know and we all think, ‘Oh, if I could see Jesus right now I would just hug him. No, John, the Beloved Disciple, passes out when he sees him in his glorified state,” Chan said in his late August sermon.

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Generational Curses Broken – Carla Smith

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October 30, 2018


Before posting this Word, I’d like for all readers to understand that there’s been a very hard spiritual battle going on in my life for the past few months and also very serious family health issues. In a few days of desperation, I cried out to the Lord asking Him to show me what in the world is causing all the drama and pain in my family. I’ve felt for many years that there’s generational curses in our family and have prayed accordingly, but for some reason, the oppression has been over whelming, so in total helplessness of my flesh, I cried out for deeper understanding of where the enemy is hiding. Continue reading “Generational Curses Broken – Carla Smith”



Message received Oct. 27-28, 2018

I was talking with Yahushua, sharing my concerns with Him, even though He knows all things, about how grossly dark the world has become, and how we, as His Bride, absolutely must have an infusion from Him- His strength and His anointing to finish this race with strength. I was wondering about the linear time that we live in, and why He speaks to us about His return being very soon, even imminent, since there is no time in the Kingdom. Continue reading “I AM COMING SOONER THAN YOU WOULD BELIEVE – Julie Whedbee”


CHALLENGES -PART 1 – Gary Bertnick

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“To walk as He walked.”
Heart in heart
Holy Spirit anointed and filled
Holy Spirit led in detail
A renewed mind in step with Divine Counsel;
Baptism with the power of God’s favor,
Strength of commitment anchored
Zeal of faithfulness as a fire
All honor and glory given to the Father.

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